Senin, 22 Juli 2013

the week before presentation

I think today was like the sleepiest day ever. I didn't get much sleep yesterday and I think I slept for about 6.5hrs. When I got home I was pretty tired and while I was playing the ipad after eating, I immeadetly lose consious and decided to sleep. Now its 10.30 and I am very hungry. My stomach keeps on grumbling for no reason, and I got cramps too if I don't eat. This must be a sign for me to go to sleep like right now.

Anyways I got my presentation topic today, and I picked films. For this presentation, I paired up with my friend Ie Hoei. And we have no mood to do any presentation. I this its glassaphobia-the fear of talking in public. I definetly have glassaphobia. Okay I think I should go to sleep. There are no news about Bradley Cooper today, this sucks. AnYWAYS BYEEE

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