Jumat, 05 Juli 2013


Okay sorry for not writing about anything yesterday well its because I was not in the mood to write. Anyways I want to tell you about how the orientation went. Well I kinda arrive too early because my mom is planning to go there with her friend who coincidental was working in the same building with the school I attend. So I woke up at about 6.40 a.m. and get ready by 7.00 a.m. At 7.00.am sharp my mom and I went to meet up with her friend, we use the taxi to go to our destination place. And we arrive at around 7.45 a.m-ish. The orientation starts at 9.30 a.m and we were too early so we sat in the waiting room, some of the staffs working there came one by one. At 9.00 a.m some kids started to arrive and so I can move on to the designated place to wait for the orientation to start which is in the student lounge.
The student lounge is a really big place, many sofas are placed there, one foosball table is placed in the opening of the student lounge, there is also a snackbar at the corner of the lounge, lots of magazines are placed in the magazine stand, and they are all imports which means hollywood news!! I started to meet some new friends there too and when I ran of topics to talk about I kinda read the magazines to take my time off. There is one magazine about hollywood movies and the edition was the oscars seasons and Bradley Cooper is in the front cover XD!!! I was sorta freaking out you know.
Anyways there are about 20-25 of us, both the kids who will be in the foundation and in the diploma. And I think I am the youngest but I still have no idea. I have gotta be honest but there are many beautiful kids especially the girls, there is one girl, she is a senior and she was so pretty. I mean her hair was really good curly in the bottom, and she wears fashionable clothes, its like a dress with a scarf. She is gonna be liked by many guys in her class (just sayin'). She was very different from all of the girls like we girls wear something simple like shirt and jeans. And for some reason I kinda find this new boy attractive. I don't think attractive is the correct word to describe him but he is not that bad-looking. I haven't meet any okay-looking boys in a while. Like seriously in a while. So this guy as I overheard from his conversation with the other boys, he is going to take finance, and I think its pretty cool for a handsome guy like him to take finance. I mean it is really rare for a handsome guy to take finance or accounting etc they would usually take science or communication or computing etc... I was like impressed but my heart tells me that he is and will be taken with another person so well NO HOPE....so I kinda act casual and not be too overly attached eventhough I am not even attached.
Oh yeah I forgot to tell that the principal of this school is this guy called Dave. He is an australian. Very tall and well-fed person. He is very friendly like seriously so welcoming to us newbies HAHAHA. So he kinda talked about everything about the school, the universities, the rules, the website of the school and all the basic stuffs. It took about an 45-50 minutes to tell about those, and let me tell you it was kinda boring. I mean the room was very cold and I seriously can't move freely. And his voice is very soft so who can't blame for being sleepy. It also happens to me every time in school and sometimes during a sermon in church. Oh and I forgot to tell that I ate 2 pizzas, 1 donut and a bottle of minute maid's pulpy orange. The orientation provided food and drinks for the students. I kinda want to eat more pizza and donut as I know that I won't be having them for a while here, but I am kinda full, I don't know what happen to my rubber stomach these days, I just can't eat too much these days because if I eat too much then I'll get too sick. Maybe some soup and porridge is okay or some steam food something like that. And to be honest these days I kinda like eating veggies for no reason? What has happened to me???? Maybe I don't want to get sick more often these days.
Oh right I forgot to tell about my timetable right so before I received my timetable, I have to pick the subjects which I am going to take. Each students have to take 4 subjects. The 2 subjects which I am required to take are Computing and Academic study skills (I have no clue what to study for academic study skills) and the choices for the other 2 subjects are Accounting, Economics, Marketing and Mass Communication. Well I took Accounting for sure but I am kinda confused whether to take economics or marketing, the teacher told me that both are kinda important so I took economics instead because I have studied economics before in school whereas marketing is very brand new to me.
So I have to go to school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Each day is for 1 subject. On monday, I got academic study skills at 8.00 a.m. On tuesday, I got economics at 8.00 a.m. On thurdsay, I got computing class at 8.00 a.m. Finally on friday, I got accounting at 8.00 a.m. So by this everyday I have class at 8.00 a.m.

Now we await for the upcoming day which is on monday.....the first day of school dum dumd dum dum ......

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