Senin, 15 Juli 2013

Broken Printer on 14 July 2013

Guess what guys my printer is I don't know how to print my presentation slides. This sucks. I could however print it in my school but I have to pay and now the problem is I don't want to yeah in this condition I am forced to print it in my school. I have to come really early tomorrow morning like seriously before the boys come, I have to be in the library before them, because I think most of them will print it in school and I don't like when its too crowded.

And you guys might ask how my printer got broken well, its not physically damaged or anything, but the paper keeps getting jammed, so the printer is unable to produce any print-outs. I was printing one of my presentation slide notes just now, and when I reached the last page, something wrong came up with the printer and now its unable to print anything. So I wrote down the last page instead of printing it. 

Tomorrow is Econ class and I am pretty sure I will be having a class test tomorrow. I just read last week's presentation slide notes once and I was just scanning it because I was stressed out with the printer. So lets just hope the best for tomorrow. God bless us all. Goodnite~

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