Minggu, 23 Desember 2012

Hobbit Quiz Interview

JUST HAVE TO SHARE IT WITH YOU GUYS VERY HILLARIOUS JUST LOVE AIDAN TURNER'S FACE HE IS CUTE!!!! (sorry for writing it in capital letters becoz I was too happy looking at Aidan's face and the guy playing Fili is actually handsome too)

Being Human UK

Aidan Turner is the guy wearing the red jacket. 
Okay you know these couple of days I've been watching this show called Being Human and let me tell you one thing that I love about the show.....Aidan Turner is a vampire!!! Yup his character is a vampire and he is very hot!!! His Irish accent and his handsome face oh my.....I am speechless.....being a 14-year old girl I am not sure if it is okay to say that but whatever I don't regret it!!!!!!!! Huahhahahaah!!!!! Sorry but moving on the show tells us about a vampire, a were-wolf and a ghost living together now what I can see about this brief summary is that it sounds very interesting. So guys you know what you should do just watch the show because its very good!!! However I've got some bad news too, being an Aidan Turner fan, Aidan's character will die in the end of season 3, this actually sucks, but whatever let's see what I can do about it, I am literally in season 1 episode 5 and its pretty interesting. To be honest the show is attracting me because of Aidan Turner. I hate Lauren's character ughh why her why can the director or producer or whoever in charge of the casting choose a prettier and more likeable girl.....Lauren must be like cool and gothic or whatever but she is not it!!!

Sabtu, 15 Desember 2012

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

I know I haven't been posting something for quiet a while because of 2 good reasons, first, I have exams, and second is that I haven't been doing something nice these couple of days.....but yesterday on the 14th of December which a.k.a is my first day of my winter break and also the release of the anticipating The Hobbit:An Unexpected Journey. I can't be called as a true fan of Mr.Tolkien's trilogy series but I really love the movie. Yesterday, I got a chance to see The Hobbit in the cinema and I was completely excited about it. I love everything about the movie, from the scenery to the effects to the makeup to the cast to the ummm soundtrack to EVERYTHING.....which reminds me I am in love with a song called everything by M2M. Anyways, yeahh I watched it yesterday and I don't know what to say from the beginning to the end of the movie, ITS PERFECTION!!!! Now I have somebody to compete against Aragorn which is Kili who actually is a dwarf but I think he is hot!!!!!
The Hobbit is going to be a trilogy. The first one is released this year, the second one is The Hobbit: Desolation Of Smaug and the third is The Hobbit:There And Back Again. Peter Jackson, the director of the trilogy series is planning to use a female character who is played by Evangeline Lily. The "Lost" actress is going to play an elf character called Tauriel. Peter also was planning to create a romantic plot for Tauriel and Kili ehem2 I think I am going to go crazy.....but its going to be an unrequited love for Kili........this is just sad......
I don't know what to write again...check out the trailer