Senin, 16 Juli 2012

First Day Of School & other activities

Today is the first day of school, and I still can't believe that I am in the 10th grade... Its so fast I don't even know what to say... I mean after 2 months of holiday I have to face IGCSE and O'Level and all those exams, gosh... can't stand all these.... I just wanted to go back to level 1 again...

Anyways I woke up at 6:15 a.m and drank my milk and ate my boiled egg. I brushed my teeth and change my clothes into my school uniform. Then my mom drove me and my little sister to school. As usual in the first day of school, the school will be very crowded and you know what it is very crowded, more crowded than last year. I checked what class where I was in and in fact I was in the same class as my friend. This is a good thing. But the bad thing is that my class teacher is my accounts teacher which I sorta dislike.... I forgot to tell that my class is in level 10C. And this time the section C is filled with students who are not really smart, and I am included in it too which totally sucks! All the smart kids in level 10 are in section A. So you know maybe I might get first rank this year which is kinda good... But my english totally sucks.... So I need to basically write regularly and read a lot of books too to improve my english and get good marks in my test because english is sorta the scariest subject ever.....

Oh yeah last friday which is on 13 July 2012, I went to the mall and watch Ice Age 4: Continental Drift, to summon things up, the movie is funny and not at all boring so people should watch it. My favorite character in Ice Age 4 is the sabre-toothed tiger, Diego. Diego is awesome in the movie, I love him a lot.

And last tuesday on 10 July 2012, My little sister, her friend and me went to watch this Thai movie called Teenage Love. I don't really enjoy it as much as when I was watching Ice Age 4. I mean Teenage Love is basically like a typical romantic comedy so.... I mean on that day I was planning to watch Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter but my little sister was really crazy about this movie and last time when I was watching Brave with her, she wasn't really enjoying it so I guess I should do that favor for her.

I guess that's it... bu-bye....

Jumat, 06 Juli 2012

The Amazing Spiderman

Sorry I haven't been writing like for a week, this is because I didn't have anything much to do. But today let me tell you on the 6th of July 2012, I have watched the amazing spiderman starring Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy and Rhys Ifans as Dr. Curtis Connors, the amazing spiderman proves to be a wonderful superhero movie. I mean like I still think the Avengers is much better than the Amazing Spiderman but c'mon guys the amazing spiderman only has one superhero in the movie while the avengers has like 6 superheroes so you know.... but yeah the amazing spiderman is a good one too. The movie is filled with great action, comedy and i don't know maybe even romance duhhh as you can see it from the trailer. But seriously guys the movie is really good and superb.

Oh and I forgot to tell you guys that the amazing spiderman franchise are planning for a trilogy so there you go guys. I was also hoping that spiderman would be included in the sequel of the avengers I mean like in the comics, spiderman was sorta in the group. But to be honest I find spiderman's power more cooler than those of the superheroes in the avengers like thor, iron man, captain america, hulk, hawkeye and black widow. 

Andrew Garfield also has a great chemistry with Emma Stone in the movie, I find them to be a very adorable couple. I mean like they are both actually dating off-screen so yeahh and rumors has it that Emma Stone is planning to move in with Andrew Garfield in London (Andrew is actually born in America but he grew up in Britain so basically he lives in Britain) but I have no idea if it is true or not. Check out the trailer to see both Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone in the Amazing Spiderman.


Oh and I ate alot today so... there you go this is it or today.
Have a nice day.....