Jumat, 29 Maret 2013

Catching Up

Hey guys its me again back...lol I know guys I haven't been writing in a long time and blablabla like that but anyways whatever I'll tell you in points

1) I finished my board exams yay!!! 3 weeks of sufferings....finally done....I am ready to face IGSCE..BRING IT ON TO MAMA!!!
2) Just recently lose hope in love...I don't know what to say about that 4-letter word...ughh it makes me want to puke or vomit..whatever...I mean I heard this news from my twitter timeline saying that the guy that I had a crush on is in a relationship with another girl...well you know how I react...I was kinda pissed but not that angry too because I don't even know this guy well hahaha..anyways I am trying to stop thinking about him and it kinda work a bit I guess sometimes he appears in my mind for no reason I just don't know how to get him out of my system.
3) Moving on this might get boring because its just ranting from a typical 15-year old teenager...see here I have this friend from my school and she has a crush on this grade 12 senior guy...she is like totally obsessed with him and etc2...I am totally okay with this because its nice to know your friend takes a liking with a guy who is in real life...I mean no offense she meets many people in twitter but I mean its just a virtual world and you can't really meet them unless you video chat or voice chat or whatever that is...anyways today I was texting her and we talked something private unrelated topics and then she came up and said that I was too afraid to being close with my ex-crush....hey I mean I was kinda pissed I know today is Good Friday I should just let go but I mean c'mon like I bet she can even be with her crush...if I tell this its not right so I am just gonna stop it now.
4)Okay today is Good Friday right, and you know I kinda invited my friend to come to church, at first he was like oh sure lets go, but then yesterday when I asked for his confirmation and he said that he is going to go to Puncak with his friends today I mean like dude I asked you like way long back and you bailed on me what is that there buddy so I was kinda bitter about it too...now look who is facing a terrible traffic oh that's right its him but I mean its a bad thing to say that to your friend
5)I am addicted with Justin Timberlake's new song Mirrors, its a really good song, and it is considered to be one of my favorite Justin's song..its so good you know everyday I always listen to it hahahaha