Rabu, 31 Juli 2013

American Hustle Trailer


Selasa, 30 Juli 2013

I just can't believe it

Okay I think its been 2 days since I blogged...hahaha lol anyways lots of things happened yesterday and I am going to tell it now. Here we go :D

So about the presentation, I got 10.5% out of 15%, so if we calculate it out of 100, I got 70/100, which is average. I mean I was so nervous and I don't think I remembered what I talked about yesterday. You know I think that is pretty good, because I am really quiet and I never thought I could get higher than a 70. I am being serious. People like my slides, it was attractive with all the pictures and the themes. I am quiet happy about that. So on monday, I went home very late like seriously at 4.45 p.m and I'll be doing the same thing for tomorrow. Geesh I bet I'll be very sleepy tomorrow. So I think that's it about yesterday.

Okay so gossip news....

1) The movie American Hustle released its first look. I am quiet excited about this movie. To be honest Bradley Cooper really looked good in his curls, he just looks so hot.....check it out below

Bradley Cooper & Christian Bale

Amy Adams & Christian Bale

Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, Christian Bale & Jennifer Lawrence

I think everybody looks really good in their 70s looks. I really can't wait to see this movie. I hope its going to be an oscar contender. The cast is awesome. Seriously I can't stop looking at Bradley's face..too much hotness going on there. Its like he is looking at something in such a way. Why does he have to be so handsome, you know I can't ever be with a guy like him. This is just totally sad :(, oh yeah and I forgot to mention again that it is also because Bradley Cooper is currently dating someone.

2) Next gossip news is about Benedict Cumberbatch. Hahaha the Sherlock star was spotted with different woman this week, one is with a russian model Katia Elizarova and the other is with Charlotte Asprey.
So below are the pictures of Benedict and Katia in Ibiza, Spain. They look really cute together.


benedict cumberbatch kisses katia elizarova in ibiza 01 
awww they kissed...

benedict cumberbatch kisses katia elizarova in ibiza 05 

benedict cumberbatch shirtless wedding weekend 02


The last pic was taken on June. So I am pretty sure they must be dating for a while now...I am just so proud of Benedict. Like seriously, I think I feel more proud to Benedict than to Bradley, its just that Benedict's girlfriend is way more prettier than Bradley's girl. And they look more happy and romantic together, see the picture above, they kissed and I feel it in my veins. Just totally happy for them. 

This one is him with the other girl.

benedict cumberbatch mystery gal hold hands in london 03 

I like Benedict with Katia more, they have more chemistry. Some website says that Benedict and this girl are just good friends. They were just celebrating a party and then went out together. So I think they are just close, that is why they hold hands right? I mean some friends do that right? I am just gonna stick to that instead...Lets just stick to the fact that Benedict and Katia are currently dating. Or we could just wait for PDA romance, if Katia comes out with Benedict, that means they are totally dating but if not maybe its just one of those flings. I'll be waiting Benedict.

3) Spoiler for Homeland season 3. It appears likely that Brody won't appear for the first-two episodes of the season. Carrie are not taking her meds properly. And many other things happen. My favorite character in Homeland, Peter Quinn played by Rupert Friend gave out rumors that there might be some relationship thingy between Quinn and Carrie. Ooohh I have been shipping very badly for both of them since Peter Quinn appeared in season 2. I can't wait to watch Homeland season 3. The show will start on September 29th 2013.

claire danes damian lewis homeland at showtime summer tca tour 02 
Rupert Friend, Claire Danes and Damian Lewis

claire danes damian lewis homeland at showtime summer tca tour 05 

You know this kinda saddens me a lot, most of the guys that I have crush on are currently unavailable, and I am like here waiting and crying by myself, you know it kinda hurts. But whatever, I've got NUTELLA and it satisfies me A LOT!!!! You know the creamy taste and just the right kind of flavour just makes you get addicted to it. So I have been eating a lot of nutella and it is awesome XD I just love it. 



So today I got a chance to watch some movies, I watched two movies today and they are both studio gibli. The first movie that I watch is The Cat Returns and the other one is From up on Poppy Hill. Both movies are awesome. Two thumbs up. I do like the cat returns more though, I think that is like my 3rd favorite studio gibli movies, first being spirited away. But From up on Poppy Hill is also pretty good, I do like the soundtrack of from up on poppy hill. 



What I like about from up on Poppy Hill is the two main characters, they look so good together. I just feel the love. I totally ship them together. Overall my favourite character has gotta be Baron Humbert Von Gikkingen. Okay he is pretty cool eventhough he is a cat but he dresses properly and I kinda like that, he is a fashionable cat. And also he has a British accent so yup swoonnn....

Baron Humbert Von Gikkingen

I love this scene...its so romantic

My favorite quote of the day..

So I guess this is it for today its now 11.00-ish and I haven't gone to bed so I think I'll do that now. And I almost forgot that I have a class test this thursday and I haven't prepared anything yet maybe I'll do that tomorrow in school. So this is it for today guys..BYE ;)


Sabtu, 27 Juli 2013

another week is almost over

Hey guys its me again..I am so angry just now. You know I think my mom called me foolish again, I mean yeah whatever but she said it really loudly and it kinda hurts. So I was eating some kwetiauw goreng just now, and then I took some plates because I don't want to eat much, and then there were some leftovers in the box, I was planning to eat some parts of the leftovers but my dad told me to finish it all, so I did by putting the kwetiauw on the plate, and my mom said why I didn't eat it from the box itself, and then she called me stupid. Yupp just for that. I mean I was angry but I kept it to myself. Everyday I do this all day long and it just hurts, I keep putting into the deepest part of my heart and lock it there. I mean I try not to get angry but in the end I usually do.

And I finished my presentation slides just now. And you know what I kinda enjoy making the slides, but I am kinda afraid of what I am going to talk about tomorrow. So nervous...gashhhh

Just now I checked some awesome youtube videos, I know its late and all but I watched Tom Fletcher's wedding speech video. For those of you who don't know Tom Fletcher, he is one of the member in the English pop band McFly. And let me tell you guys after watching this video, it made me realize that I will never find a guy as special as him...(hahaha I am just kidding) but I mean come one who on earth is able to do like that to a girl. Anyways check it out below.


Now I am in love with all McFly's songs, it is so awesome.....I am just in love with it. Like All about you, Obviously, The heart never lies and its latest song Love is easy. My favorite song is gotta be All about you and Obviously. I think I know what songs I am gonna put in my wedding.

Anyways I don't think I blogged anything yesterday. So let me tell you guys about Bradley Cooper. Bradley Cooper who went to Hawaii on wednesday, just returned back to L.A on friday. Everybody thinks that he and his girlfriend are on a romantic getaway, but how can they be in a romantic vacation when Bradley is working. I think he is checking the location for his new movie. And I don't even understand why Suki want to come along with him? I mean she is going to know that Bradley will be really busy and won't be spending time with her in Hawaii. Maybe they spend their time in the plane? I have no idea, but well that is just a random guess. I mean seriously what is with this pairing, you know that this is not going to work but why do you keep on trying? Bradley likes to mess my mind..this just sucks. You know whatever if they got married, I don't even care and have hundreds of babies..like that will ever happen.(But if that happens, please don't, I mean Bradley is only 38, and 38 is pretty young for me). Anyways these are some photos of him from where Bradley arrived in Hawaii up to where he returned back to L.A

bradley cooper suki waterhouse hawaii vacation 01

bradley cooper suki waterhouse hawaii vacation 03 

Going strong: The couple proved just how close they are becoming as they enjoyed yet another trip together

bradley cooper suki waterhouse return to la after quick trip 05 

You know what I like about the last picture is his face. I mean when he smiles, it just kinda make my day, but oh wait there is "her". Now that just ruins it like every other day. You know it has been 2 years since I been a fan of Bradley Cooper, and what I have been thinking for the past 2 hours is that Bradley is never single each year like I mean every year he will always be in a relationship with someone. I am serious. For example, he was married to Jennifer Esposito for a short period of time in 2006 and then they got divorce in 2007. They must have dated before 2006 so yup that is already 2 years. Then on 2008, he dated Isabella Brewster who is the younger sister of the fast and furious actress Jordanna Brewster. But they broke up in 2009. Then in 2009, he dated his case 39 co-star Renee Zellweger and they broke up in march 2011. After Renee, he dated his The Words co-star Zoe Saldana but it was an on-off thing and then they broke up for good in january 2013, and then on february 2013, he met this Suki Waterhouse in a party and I have no idea why are they even still together. I think its been almost 6 months, and they are still strong. I just don't get this at all? I mean you know the women he dated before are older but it didn't go that well compared to Suki? This is weird. But I'll give it a year for this couple. By the end of December I hope they will split and never return again HUAHAHAHA *EVIL LAUGH . But I mean if Bradley feels she is one then you know I have just to accept the fact that Suki will be staying for a while, I mean like literally she is really lucky, they just met and it turns out that they are dating. Geeshh... But I hope that Bradley doesn't get married now...I still can't imagine that in my head, I mean I always thought him to be like Leonardo DiCaprio kind of guy who doesn't want a committed relationship with any girl. But seriously don't get married Bradley or have kids. That will be like a nightmare to me.

Wow today's post is pretty long and most of it are unimportant. Oh yah I almost forgot that my cousin was welcomed with a baby boy on thursday I think? His name is Nathan Fidelis. I haven't seen the photos yet but I am sure I will meet him soon probably tomorrow, I just can't wait, I hope he doesn't turn out to be an annoying brat HAHAHA I am just kidding. Yeap I think this is it for today, let's see what happens tomorrow.

Photo credits are from: daily mail and just jared. Videos are from: YouTube.

Good night guys, LOVE YA :)

Kamis, 25 Juli 2013

Cramps everywhere

Hey its been a while since I blogged, I think for about a 2 days. Anyways on Tuesday, I bought this McFlurry Ice cream.


Blackcurrant flavour

I think it costs Rp. 10000, and it is so good. I wouldn't mind spending another Rp. 10000 on it. 

Okay guess what...you know I think I just find the perfect song to stay awake at night. Check this song out.


The band is called The GooGoo Dolls, and the song is Iris. I think it was a famous song back then. I mean I keep listening to this song in radios, and in restaurants and in movies. But I have no idea what the title of this song is. And yesterday I found it in youtube. And I am freaking excited. Fun fact: The main vocalist of the googoo dolls, John Rzenik, sang the original soundtrack of Treasure Planet, I'm Still Here. 

Okay I keep procrastinating these days and this sucks. I haven't finished any of the presentation slides yet, and this kinda suck. I keep on playing and googling Bradley Cooper all the time. I just hate it. Geeeshhh... As usual on thursday, we have computing class, you know the teacher calls me Tika right, and this sucks. Today the teacher called my name Tika and he said that everytime he calls my name, he keeps getting hungry. This becomes a joke to everybody in the class. All the boys were laughing. Now I told my teacher my name which is Victoria and he was like oooohhhh and he asked why the name Tika is put on the attendance list, and I said I also don't know. And that resolves the name problems for today, my computer teacher from now onwards call me Victoria, and I am really happy.

Okay see here I just googled something from the internet and you know what happened, Bradley is going to Hawaii. And guess what who is coming along with him? His girlfriend. Why??? I don't know. It's like everywhere Bradley goes, Suki has to come along. I just don't get it. The news say that Bradley and Suki were seen smiling and were greeted by the locals in the airport. I don't know whether this is going to be a romantic trip or a work thing? Because Bradley doesn't start shooting until September and now its July, therefore I think Bradley is enjoying his break with Suki in Hawaii. I mean I really wonder what will they be doing? I hope they don't get married because that will just break my heart. Nawww I am just kidding...why would Bradley think of getting married with her. She is not a committed person, I mean she doesn't look like one, and to be honest so does Bradley. You know I still don't get it these days, I mean why are all the good-looking guys taken? WHYYYY????? Like for example, Bradley Cooper is with Suki Waterhouse, Nicholas Hoult is with Jennifer Lawrence, Aidan Turner is with Sarah Green, Tom Hiddleston is rumoured to be dating a woman and so on....You know this just sucks so bad...and they are all the guys I like.

Okay speaking of other things, from morning till the afternoons I just got cramps in my stomach. It literally hurts and I can't at long distances, because I don't have the energy to do so. 

I think this it for today, BYE!!!

Senin, 22 Juli 2013

the week before presentation

I think today was like the sleepiest day ever. I didn't get much sleep yesterday and I think I slept for about 6.5hrs. When I got home I was pretty tired and while I was playing the ipad after eating, I immeadetly lose consious and decided to sleep. Now its 10.30 and I am very hungry. My stomach keeps on grumbling for no reason, and I got cramps too if I don't eat. This must be a sign for me to go to sleep like right now.

Anyways I got my presentation topic today, and I picked films. For this presentation, I paired up with my friend Ie Hoei. And we have no mood to do any presentation. I this its glassaphobia-the fear of talking in public. I definetly have glassaphobia. Okay I think I should go to sleep. There are no news about Bradley Cooper today, this sucks. AnYWAYS BYEEE

Sabtu, 20 Juli 2013


Yeap I didn't actually write something yesterday...I totally forgot because I played the sims at night and it was very addicting. I just love it. My sims character is pregnant with boy twins, and the eldest child is married with Mortimer Goth. Yay how awesome is that. Now I just have to focus on playing 4 sims. Anyways I think I'll post my sims story some other time because it is very complicated...

Moving on...yesterday was the worst. I was so bored with accounting class and I think I was sleepy. The teacher wasn't also that much reliable. I don't know, I mean he is not a graduate of the accounting field, he has a career which doesn't relate to accounting but the weird thing is why is my teacher even teach this subject. I mean it was 4 hours of boredom. I was so sleepy. Even all the kids in the class was sleepy. aghhhhh I just hate friday's class.

I also would like to tell you that I heard that Bradley Cooper was spotted in a Metallica concert today? Yes the concert was held in Speckler theater in San Diego. Guess what, his girlfriend came along with him too. I mean come on I thought she was busy in London. You know doing stuffs with her friends and family. I don't really like talking about it too so...yeah whatever

I am kinda sleepy so I guess this is it for today. Bye!  :)

*sorry for the lack of pics I am in a hurry

Kamis, 18 Juli 2013

18 July 2013

Guys I am feeling a little bit sleepy...so I am going to write this blog very quickly. So you see guys today I went to school as usual and when I was about to leave, it started to rain, so I decided to wait inside the building for a while until it stopped. I think I waited about 30 minutes with my mom's friend, she accompanied me actually. After that I went to the bus. Thankfully it wasn't that crowded. So I have this urge right to walk from the bus station to my house because I am trying to cut down my spending and plus I also needed some exercise, so well I walked, it was pretty far and the road was wet so it wasn't that nice. Anyways I walked and walked and finally I reached my house. I think I have walked for about 20-25 minutes because I didn't really walk very fast. I am planning to do this everyday instead of taking a bemo.

I have this huge crush on this guy, his name is Novak Djokovic, he is a professional tennis player and he is from Serbia. He is amazing. He had a match against Andy Murray in Wimbledon, unfortunately, Djokovic lost. I mean I love both guys but until just now I have realised his good looks. He is so handsome. Now I have a dilemma in picking Djokovic or Murray as my favorite tennis player. I mean I love Murray but its because Bradley Cooper supported him in Wimbledon. All I can say is that I love both guys, they're amazing tennis players. :)


Novak and his brother

Djokovic was born on May 22 1987 in Belgrade, Serbia. He has 6 grand slams (I have no idea what a grand slam is?? I think that is a good thing?)He stands 6 ft 2. And he has a girlfriend. Her name is Jelena Ristic. They're such a cute couple you know. Hahahaha...


So yeah I guess that is it for Novak Djokovic. You know as usual I always go tumblr-ing and I m obsessed with Audrey Hepburn. She is so beautiful and she is such a humble person. She is just amazing. 




So I think this is it for today. Good night.

Selasa, 16 Juli 2013

Polyvore (15 July 2013)

Hey guys I think I am having a flu...this is bad...anyways today is tuesday which means I have time to relax myself....hahahaha that is why I love tuesdays....

Okay guys I have been making designs in polyvore, for those of you who don't know what polyvore is, it is a website where people can design stuffs like fashion, or beauty styles, art, interior design etc...now I want you to see my designs...

Magical Blue

Rainbow madness
Pink Fever

Summer is over

I don't know what to call this set

I know this is late but its SPRING!!!!

Obsession with guys

Actually I have made a polyvore account since last year but I was lazy to make sets and all those stuffs, now I am trying to improve my creativity skills so yeap I will try to make these more often as I could.

For those who want to see more can just go to my polyvore website which is www.victoriatika.polyvore.com, or for those who are interested to make sets like these can easily sign up a new account in www.polyvore.com.  Okay I think this is it for today so I guess this is goodbye. Bye....

Senin, 15 Juli 2013

Broken Printer on 14 July 2013

Guess what guys my printer is broken...HAHAHA...now I don't know how to print my presentation slides. This sucks. I could however print it in my school but I have to pay and now the problem is I don't want to pay...so yeah in this condition I am forced to print it in my school. I have to come really early tomorrow morning like seriously before the boys come, I have to be in the library before them, because I think most of them will print it in school and I don't like when its too crowded.

And you guys might ask how my printer got broken well, its not physically damaged or anything, but the paper keeps getting jammed, so the printer is unable to produce any print-outs. I was printing one of my presentation slide notes just now, and when I reached the last page, something wrong came up with the printer and now its unable to print anything. So I wrote down the last page instead of printing it. 

Tomorrow is Econ class and I am pretty sure I will be having a class test tomorrow. I just read last week's presentation slide notes once and I was just scanning it because I was stressed out with the printer. So lets just hope the best for tomorrow. God bless us all. Goodnite~

Minggu, 14 Juli 2013

Hahaha its sunday again (14 July 2013)

Today is sunday and so I have to go to church, I went to church in the morning, because I have to play the piano. And then I immeadetly went for the afternoon sermon. And then after that me and my family went home except for my dad, he went home after the morning sermon, but he picked me, my mom and my little sister from church. Actually we were planning to eat in Burger King but we decided to go home because I have a class in church (it is like for a preparation before being baptized) at 3.30 p.m. and my dad was lazy to go outside so yup we went home instead. 

I actually like the 3.30 class, its awesome, I learned so many things within 1.5 hrs. I enjoyed it. Can't wait for next week's class. Oh yah , I was planning to watch a movie in the cinema on Tuesday because on wednesday I have a day off and I think it will be a good idea to go on a Tuesday. I asked permission from my mom right and she went all mad with me. She said that I can get kidnapped in the cinema hall, I think its pretty non-sense, especially if I am watching an animated movie. I mean how can I get kidnapped so easily? This is insanely weird. She said that I was too young, and she goes on with the age thing. I mean I am 15 and why can't I go by myself? She says that I can go when I am 16, you know she keeps giving me excuses, like one time before I was unable to cross the road by myself or ride the bus by my own, she won't allow me, but now when I am able to do it, she goes on with the age thing. This is pretty terrible. My life is so unfair. I just wanted to watch Monsters University and this is what I get. Just Great....I get so pissed and I didn't really respond to my mom. I just kept quiet and didn't look at anybody. I was so mad and I was in no mood to talk. 

But that whole angry mood changed when I find out that Cory Monteith, the actor who plays Finn Hudson in glee died. He was found dead in a Van Couver Hotel on 13 July 2013, which was yesterday. I mean he is only 31 yet he commited a suicide. Look at his life, he has got the looks, a well-paid job, a beautiful girlfriend, and so many loves from people. However he ended his life yesterday. I don't really get it with these people. But hearing the news that Cory Monteith passed away was just shocking, I mean what will happen to glee?
Rest In Peace fellow actor.

I am pretty sure that his girlfriend, Lea Michele will be pretty sad.

See they looked so happy together...I feel so sad for Lea Michele....Okay whatever...

Tomorrow is my 2nd week in MIBTi and I am so lazy to go to school and I keep on procrastinating which is bad but yeah I don't know why I am going to read some slides before I go to bed so yeah wish me luck. By the way about the Penelope movie, I haven't finished watching it so I couldn't rate and review it but by today I think I would finish watching it. So yeah I think this is it for today, and I'll see you tomorrow. BYE!

Sabtu, 13 Juli 2013

Rainy Day (13 July 2013)

Hey guys, its been a while since I blogged..I am kinda hungry..Okay whatever today is boring, I didn't go anywhere. Stayed at home all day long.Okay but good news there is 1 jar of nutella standing on a table in my dining room, I just can't wait to eat ot :9  And it keeps raining these days in Jakarta.

There isn't much news of Bradley Cooper today...I know this sucks so bad...so I don't think I will be posting anything about him today. Okay anyways moving on, tonight I am planning to watch this movie called Penelope. The movie stars Christina Ricci and James McAvoy. I have heard this movie a while ago  but didn't get a chance to see it, haha just kidding, actually my older sister watched it and she obsessed with it and she keeps playing it in the tv so yup but I didn't watch it completely. My friend from MIBTi decided to exchange movies together, I copied her some movies, and she copied me some other movies. I copied her Silver Linings Playbook and Les Miserables while she copied me Penelope, so today I have decided to watch it while I am asleep. Awesome right!

Christina Ricci

James McAvoy

Okay just can't wait to watch it. Okay I think this is it for today. Bye... :)