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I just can't believe it

Okay I think its been 2 days since I blogged...hahaha lol anyways lots of things happened yesterday and I am going to tell it now. Here we go :D

So about the presentation, I got 10.5% out of 15%, so if we calculate it out of 100, I got 70/100, which is average. I mean I was so nervous and I don't think I remembered what I talked about yesterday. You know I think that is pretty good, because I am really quiet and I never thought I could get higher than a 70. I am being serious. People like my slides, it was attractive with all the pictures and the themes. I am quiet happy about that. So on monday, I went home very late like seriously at 4.45 p.m and I'll be doing the same thing for tomorrow. Geesh I bet I'll be very sleepy tomorrow. So I think that's it about yesterday.

Okay so gossip news....

1) The movie American Hustle released its first look. I am quiet excited about this movie. To be honest Bradley Cooper really looked good in his curls, he just looks so hot.....check it out below

Bradley Cooper & Christian Bale

Amy Adams & Christian Bale

Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner, Christian Bale & Jennifer Lawrence

I think everybody looks really good in their 70s looks. I really can't wait to see this movie. I hope its going to be an oscar contender. The cast is awesome. Seriously I can't stop looking at Bradley's face..too much hotness going on there. Its like he is looking at something in such a way. Why does he have to be so handsome, you know I can't ever be with a guy like him. This is just totally sad :(, oh yeah and I forgot to mention again that it is also because Bradley Cooper is currently dating someone.

2) Next gossip news is about Benedict Cumberbatch. Hahaha the Sherlock star was spotted with different woman this week, one is with a russian model Katia Elizarova and the other is with Charlotte Asprey.
So below are the pictures of Benedict and Katia in Ibiza, Spain. They look really cute together.


benedict cumberbatch kisses katia elizarova in ibiza 01 
awww they kissed...

benedict cumberbatch kisses katia elizarova in ibiza 05 

benedict cumberbatch shirtless wedding weekend 02


The last pic was taken on June. So I am pretty sure they must be dating for a while now...I am just so proud of Benedict. Like seriously, I think I feel more proud to Benedict than to Bradley, its just that Benedict's girlfriend is way more prettier than Bradley's girl. And they look more happy and romantic together, see the picture above, they kissed and I feel it in my veins. Just totally happy for them. 

This one is him with the other girl.

benedict cumberbatch mystery gal hold hands in london 03 

I like Benedict with Katia more, they have more chemistry. Some website says that Benedict and this girl are just good friends. They were just celebrating a party and then went out together. So I think they are just close, that is why they hold hands right? I mean some friends do that right? I am just gonna stick to that instead...Lets just stick to the fact that Benedict and Katia are currently dating. Or we could just wait for PDA romance, if Katia comes out with Benedict, that means they are totally dating but if not maybe its just one of those flings. I'll be waiting Benedict.

3) Spoiler for Homeland season 3. It appears likely that Brody won't appear for the first-two episodes of the season. Carrie are not taking her meds properly. And many other things happen. My favorite character in Homeland, Peter Quinn played by Rupert Friend gave out rumors that there might be some relationship thingy between Quinn and Carrie. Ooohh I have been shipping very badly for both of them since Peter Quinn appeared in season 2. I can't wait to watch Homeland season 3. The show will start on September 29th 2013.

claire danes damian lewis homeland at showtime summer tca tour 02 
Rupert Friend, Claire Danes and Damian Lewis

claire danes damian lewis homeland at showtime summer tca tour 05 

You know this kinda saddens me a lot, most of the guys that I have crush on are currently unavailable, and I am like here waiting and crying by myself, you know it kinda hurts. But whatever, I've got NUTELLA and it satisfies me A LOT!!!! You know the creamy taste and just the right kind of flavour just makes you get addicted to it. So I have been eating a lot of nutella and it is awesome XD I just love it. 

So today I got a chance to watch some movies, I watched two movies today and they are both studio gibli. The first movie that I watch is The Cat Returns and the other one is From up on Poppy Hill. Both movies are awesome. Two thumbs up. I do like the cat returns more though, I think that is like my 3rd favorite studio gibli movies, first being spirited away. But From up on Poppy Hill is also pretty good, I do like the soundtrack of from up on poppy hill. 

What I like about from up on Poppy Hill is the two main characters, they look so good together. I just feel the love. I totally ship them together. Overall my favourite character has gotta be Baron Humbert Von Gikkingen. Okay he is pretty cool eventhough he is a cat but he dresses properly and I kinda like that, he is a fashionable cat. And also he has a British accent so yup swoonnn....
Baron Humbert Von Gikkingen 
I love this scene...its so romantic

My favorite quote of the day..

So I guess this is it for today its now 11.00-ish and I haven't gone to bed so I think I'll do that now. And I almost forgot that I have a class test this thursday and I haven't prepared anything yet maybe I'll do that tomorrow in school. So this is it for today guys..BYE ;)


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