Rabu, 03 Juli 2013

The day before orientation day DUMDUMDUM....

Hi its me again... I think it has been a while since I blogged right? Lol but yeah I decided to blog today because guess what tomorrow is the my orientation day in my new school, mibt. >:( I am not ready to go to school yet hahaha just kidding but seriously I am kinda scared of everything that is going to happen to me tomorrow. Like the kids there, are they gonna be nice or friendly? Will we have the same number of interests, will we get along well? I don't know yet. Its just that I am scared that I don't have any friends, I mean atleast I have a few right, more is definitely good I just don't know what to do.

Oh yeah speaking of the whole new friends thingy, one thing which I kinda regretted the most is....NOT STUDYING this holiday, I mean atleast I can learn some basics right for enhancing more in the future. I wish I did study but everytime when I opened a book for example, yesterday I opened a maths book, and I don't know what happened to my head but it suddenly just spins and makes me sleepy so I just went to bed. And I kinda saw the newsletter of this school and they have lots of subject categories like commerce, computing and media communication etc. I am planning to take the commerce one, and guess whats inside it, subjects like legal studies and statistics, I mean I learned statistics in my school but as a chapter in the textbook, now in this kinda new experience its as a subject. I don't even know how hard the subject is gonna be...and  sadly my mom kinda force me to take it...my sisters have statistics in their university and they say that the subject is extremely difficult now that just scares me.

On the 29th of June I had my entrance test, and they test the students through the computer now I kinda did some really stupid mistakes. They say that they're gonna tell the results on monday which is on the 1st of July but I receive no news. And I forgot to tell that I was very sick on the 30th of June and 1st of July. But on the 2nd of July which was yesterday the person from the school called me and told me whether I could come to the orientation day but no mention of marks. I told this to my mom right, and she then called the school and asked for my marks and then they told that I got a 6.0 in IELTS and that's very bad for my mom and myself. I mean I could totally aim for a 6.5 above. Very good universities accept students with a minimum of 6.5. But the person said that a 6.0 can be accepted to some good universities too so basically I am an average. That just bumps my heart.

So basically from now onwards I am planning to update my blog regularly if I meet some new and weird stuffs haha lets just see in the upcoming future...

*okay for me reading in the future, as a kid you kinda like to rant a lot :)

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