Selasa, 16 Juli 2013

Polyvore (15 July 2013)

Hey guys I think I am having a flu...this is bad...anyways today is tuesday which means I have time to relax myself....hahahaha that is why I love tuesdays....

Okay guys I have been making designs in polyvore, for those of you who don't know what polyvore is, it is a website where people can design stuffs like fashion, or beauty styles, art, interior design I want you to see my designs...

Magical Blue

Rainbow madness
Pink Fever

Summer is over

I don't know what to call this set

I know this is late but its SPRING!!!!

Obsession with guys

Actually I have made a polyvore account since last year but I was lazy to make sets and all those stuffs, now I am trying to improve my creativity skills so yeap I will try to make these more often as I could.

For those who want to see more can just go to my polyvore website which is, or for those who are interested to make sets like these can easily sign up a new account in  Okay I think this is it for today so I guess this is goodbye. Bye....

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