Minggu, 07 Juli 2013

Boring Sunday

I am such in a dilemma right now..feel like broken pieces of glass....I don't know why.
This is just so weird I have no clue what I am typing right now....?


So sad on a sunday.....I didn't go anywhere today...stayed at home all day long....listening to mellow songs....I kinda wonder what my life is going to be..? I mean after I graduated what will I be doing next? Should I take a masters degree? Or should I learn new skills like animation, or cooking or maybe even French. I think french sounds the most interesting to learn...I really want to learn french. I kinda want to impress other people with my bilingual skills, I mean I speak Indonesian and English fluently, my mandarin is hopeless, so yeah. But the problem is French is not quiet used in Indonesia...I mean I hope I got a job which requires an ability to understand and speak French. And also I am inspired to learn french by Bradley Cooper, he speaks very fluent french, he speaks the language like when he is talking in english, that it is very impressive. So yeah at least I gotta be good at something right?

Tennis....I think I should learn more about tennis...what are the rules and how to play tennis and etc? Yeah you know why? Because Bradley Cooper is a huge fan of tennis too. Next time I know what I will be watching in the TV ;)

I always have this fantasy of meeting my future husband in an unexpected place. And these days I keep thinking of love songs for no reason. Like Frank Sinatra's song "The Way You Look Tonight" and "Someone to watch over me", I love all his songs actually. I consider him to be one of the greatest singers. I love his style of singing, his voice is very flexible and low its very beautiful. Well I am planning to put most of Frank Sinatra's songs in my wedding party.Because when I attend weddings, I enjoy the musicians when they start to play one of his song, it kinda gives me goosebump everytime... And one song which I will put is Michael Buble's song "Everything" I just love that song since I was a kid. That song will be in my wedding party no matter what. I am going to list some songs...

1) The Way You Look Tonight- Frank Sinatra
2) Everything- Michael Buble
3) Someone to watch over me- Frank Sinatra
4) I knew I loved you- Savage Garden
5) Come fly with me- Frank Sinatra
6) Mine- Taylor Swift
7) Greatest day- Take That
8) This I promise you- N'SYNC
9) You're beautiful- James Blunt
10) Everything You Do- M2M
11) The Only night- James Morrisson
12) Can You feel the love tonight- Elton John
13) Right here waiting for you- Richard Marx
14) To be with you- Mr. Big
15) Marry me- Train
16) Here, there and everywhere- The Beatles

Okay there are more songs than this but I am just gonna list this much, these are the songs which I think are kinda appropriate. As you can see from my list, the songs are kinda mixed, old-fashion and modern-ish kinda songs. I want to put rock songs but it doesn't match the atmosphere you know, and also I don't really like rock music that much :/ I mean there are some good rock music but most of them are too loud and the lyrics doesn't make any sense, however I do like some rock bands like Queen. Yup I think that's the only rock band I like and know, I don't know any rock bands, eventhough my dad is a huge fan of rock music.

Okay now what? I don't know what to write next....Oh yeah I ate a lot today, my throat kinda hurts now from eating too much fried foods, this just sucks, tomorrow is not gonna be a good day.

Tomorrow I am going to start my first day in mibt. This is gonna be bad dumdumdum.....I just packed things like pencil case, calculator, a binder, and the most important thing money, things which are likely to be used on a first day. I also have to put an umbrella inside my bad in case if there is something wrong with the weather (the weather in Jakarta is unpredictable these days) I haven't received my books yet but I think I will get them by tomorrow, I hope it doesn't weigh that much, because I am not strong enough you know to carry heavy books all by myself. Thankfully there is going to be 4 subjects so well....just hoping that it won't get too heavy.

Guess where Bradley Cooper is, he is watching a tennis match again in Wimbledon, today is the finals, yup he is watching it now by himself without his girlfriend. And he is wearing a suit, I know right a suit....that is so hotttt....and he is watching the match with Gerard Butler who is also an actor. Let me show you the pic below.

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This is kinda weird for me to say but they kinda look like brothers. I mean they wore like the same colour of suit. And they have the same kind of hairstyle-ish. And also with the glasses. But seriously don't you find it a bit weird :/ But I still think Bradley looks way more handsome than Gerard. :)

Okay this is it for today and see you tomorrow

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