Selasa, 18 Maret 2014

Journal 1

Today I had my Micro Econ class and I think it went pretty well. I had a great time learning it, the teacher was clear and I did the questions really well (just kidding, I got loads of mistakes). But this is what I wanted to talk about, hahaha nooo, its not.

So I got home right, I bought some candies first though and at first I thought of getting ice cream but decided not too as I wanted to take cut down my excessive eating habit. Well after returning home, I ate my lunch as quickly as possible and then I ran upstairs to check on some stuff (hint its about Bradley Cooper). So I have this obsession with him and I like to do a lot of googling about him. And it sorta become like a daily routine for me. I mean what can I say I didn't have anything much to do at home and secondly he is HOT, so I mean come on I think that clearly explains everything.

As I was you know on the internet, I decided to go to this tumblr site which is all about Bradley Cooper stuffs, I mean gifs, pictures, videos and many more. And this website is kinda updated, I mean it uploads you about the updated sightings and fan photos. So as I was scrolling down this website I came across a picture and it wasn't actually a big deal, but for me it actually is. So I'll post it down below so that I could remember this as well as shedding tears from my eyes.


As you can see from the picture, the image was taken by a fan in LA via twitter. I don't know where he actually is but it looks like a restaurant and yeahh....I don't know what to say next but I mean I am not a really big fan of guys having really massive bodies, I mean I like them but not too much, its like you love eating chocolate but you can't eat it too much or you'll get sick of it, the same thing goes here. I mean I love Bradley but this is too much. I mean look at his face. I don't want to say anything cruel but he looks chubby. I mean I get it he has to gain weight for his role in American Sniper but come on man, this is too much weight. I mean he looks so different when he was in the oscars. The hair and the beard kinda looks the same but his face you know it looks different. So anyways I think that I am gonna blame it on the camera or the lighting or whatever.

I also researched some further information about American Sniper for the last few days. The movie will be directed by Clint Eastwood. Bradley will be playing the lead role. And I don't know if this is true or not but Sienna Miller will be playing as the sniper's wife. And the movie is set to start filming next month on April in Morocco. Soo yeah I can't wait for upcoming news about it.

Anyways I don't think I am going to be sleeping very well tonight, well its because I slept at 3.00 p.m up to 18.46 p.m. Yess I know I am a pig and whatever, but when I feel sad or when I get upset I usually sleep and it is usually one of those sleeps where you feel you're satisfied of something. But my dream was kinda weird just now, it was kinda long and it was really complicated. I will say that my friend is involved in it and my teacher, John was there too and a lot of assignments were there so...I can't even remember my dream well.

I don't know what I'll be doing now probably I will continue watching Seinfeld. I am currently in season 5 episode 69. And so far I'm loving the show. I'm planning to watch drama shows but its kinda long and sometimes it gets a bit too boring but this time I'll try to take interest in watching it. I have downloaded the complete 5 seasons of Breaking Bad and I am planning to watch it after I finished watching Seinfeld. So yes well lets see. I do know what sitcom I will be watching after Seinfeld, its called Frasier. It was one of the most popular and successful sitcoms, it won numerous awards including the emmys, golden globes, sags etc like friends and seinfeld. So I think it will be a worth to watch. But the problem is that the show consists of 11 seasons and that is A LOT. Friends has 10 seasons and Seinfeld has 9 seasons. This is the first time a sitcom has more seasons than friends.

My eye is now hurting and I think I am going to stop writing for now. I'll hope I am continuing this as a routine. Because when I do this kinda stuff manually, it kinda failed because I don't want it to be known by any others except for myself, so yeahh.