Jumat, 29 Juni 2012


Okay today I went to the mall and I finally watched Disney Pixar's Brave. I have waited for the movie since last year and I planned to watch it last week on 22 June because it was the release date in Jakarta, but I didn't went there because of some stuffs. But I watched it at last, and I watched it with my younger sister, she wasn't really pleased with the movie compared to me, I mean like she wanted to watch this Christian Bale's movie called "The Flowers of War", and she was kinda like mad at me, because I mean I would choose Brave than The Flowers of War more than anything. First of all, c'mon man its Pixar, I love Pixar, I love all the Toy Story series, recently watched a bug's life and ratatouille and I love them, then I will always love Monsters inc due to the creative plots, the incredibles is also nice, then I also love Up too. Haven't watched wall-e and cars, because wall-e doesn't have much dialogue in the movie but people said that the movie was really good and for cars, I was never interested about movies that involves cars. And secondly, I knew Brave much earlier than when I know Flowers Of War so that gains a point. And lastly, every movie of Pixar takes up a really long time like arround 6 to maybe even 10 years. And the movie is quite more expensive despite the running time of the whole movie is shorter.

Basically, Brave has a wonderful design, song scores is also very good, the voices of the characters are also good like for me I love Merida's scottish accent. However, the plot of the story doesn't really wow me compared to that of Ratatouille, Toy Story 1,2 and 3, the Incredibles, Monsters inc, and etc. I mean like I think its great for Pixar to have the first female protagonist in all the Pixar movies but the story was kinda like Brother Bear in a better version. But I enjoyed it a lot, everything comes perfectly together, the images were so life-like especially the scenery, I was impressed really well with the songs too, it is really good. To be honest if I was to watch Brave for the second time I would say "YES, definitely!!" I mean c'mon, I love Merida, I think she has got a beautiful hair, the red huge curly hair, I just wanted to feel it.

Check out the trailer:

So what are you waiting folks, go and watch Brave!!!

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that since I love the songs of Brave, I downloaded one album of it. My favorite song is Touch the Sky performed by Julie Fowlis. I mean like this song was used when Merida was with her horse, Angus and they were like going for an adventure, you can just imagine this song with the scenery of the beautiful Scotland and Merida riding her black horse, her hair was like moving really beautifully, the song totally matches.

Awesome right!

Kamis, 28 Juni 2012

The Silver Linings Playbook and the Wrath of the Titans

Okay so basically today I just can't believe that I have watched the first footage of the silver linings playbook. Let me tell you something about the silver linings playbook, first of all, the movie is played by my 2  favorite actors who are Bradley Cooper(the Hangover, Limitless) and Jennifer Lawrence(the Hunger Games, X-men: first class), second most important thing is that I have been waiting for this movie since last year when I heard that Bradley Cooper was casted in this movie. I mean like previously Mark Walhberg was cast as the main character in this movie but due to scheduling conflicts, he dropped out of the project. So Bradley Cooper replaced him. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that Bradley Cooper played as Pat Peoples. As for Jennifer Lawrence's role, Tiffany, I heard in some news that Anne Hathaway signed to play as Jennifer's role but she dropped out due to scheduling conflicts, and also Angelina Jolie was also attached to it, but at last David O'Russel who directed this movie decided to go for Jennifer Lawrence as Tiffany. People might say that Bradley and Jennifer has a really huge gap of age difference which is 15 years and they will not suit one another and all, but let me tell you guys something that both actors are playing another upcoming movie in 2013 based from a novel called "Serena" by Ron Rash. Maybe because both actors have an amazing chemistry. So for those of all the fan girls who like Jennifer Lawrence with Josh Hutcherson, I just wanted to say that you can't always make Jennifer with Josh all the time, Jennifer needs to be with other boys, and besides they aren't even dating, Jennifer is dating her X-men co-star, Nicholas Hoult who plays as Hank/Beast. And also I wanted to say that I don't really like Josh Hutcherson because maybe he is too young for Jennifer, Jennifer needs someone who is older and more experienced.

Check out the trailer guys, and don't forget to spread the news to support both Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence for those who are huge fans of Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper(like me!!!)

Okay how awesome is that!!! Bradley is so super duper hot!! Nobody in twitter didn't tell me about this so you know what I did, I typed Bradley Cooper's name in google to check any of his news like his dating news, movie news, etc. And then I found this, at first I thought they were like joking to me but no, it was true, so I was like screaming like a crazy fan girl. Seriously guys I did, I have been waiting for this movie since last year and I saw all the photos during the filming of the movie, mostly they were Jennifer Lawrence though, but it doesn't matter. 

And today I also watched Wrath of the Titans, I prefer the first one better because the story is much better compared to the second one. When I was watching wrath of the titans, I kept thinking of Bradley Cooper so much that I actually didn't watch the movie, let me tell you guys something since I was watching the movie in my house it was very different compared to when I was watching in the cinema. So sometimes I prefer to watch in the theater than at home because at home you easily get bored watching the movie while in the cinema you don't. This is weird.

So after I have watched Wrath of the Titans, I used my laptop to write this blog. Have a nice day everyone.

Jumat, 15 Juni 2012

some things for my polyvore account

This is just for polyvore, there are some successes and some failures when clipping the image, Okay the first one is Bradley Cooper. I found his photos in google, you might want to check it out guys for those who like Bradley Cooper like me.....

Bradley Cooper
I have tried clipping this one for like many times, but you know what I still can't clip it because it is like from photobucket or something, Oh yeahh the guy is Bradley Cooper, just wanted to say 4 words, Man he is good-looking. I don't know why when I looked at this pic of his, I got really happy and I know we are 23 years apart that doesn't stop me from loving him. And the next 2 images are also him, and at last I used the third one because the first and the second one are from photobucket so it can't be clipped....

Really, his beard is just like awesome (*fangirling!!!*) Oh my I love his hair too but I love him better when his hair is brown but he is really dreammyyyy.....

Yeah this one is a success, because its not from photobucket. And he is so good-looking, I don't know he is like my dream guy you know. And yeah I am going to use him as Lumiere from Disney's Beauty and the Beast because he has that flair I think and also he speaks french fluently, so I think he will be a perfect Lumiere and also I kinda see him as a ladies man. Hehehehe I am just saying.... And I am using Eva Green as Fifi, Lumiere's girlfriend in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. You might be wondering why but I don't know maybe because she is French and I think it kinda suits her. Here is a pic of Eva Green that I chose.

Isn't she pretty, you know she has that flair you know. I love her brown hair. And her blue eyes, they sorta look that they are hiding something... Maybe you might think that she doesn't suit but come on its my polyvore and all so no comments okay

Now its Christian Bale, pick 2 images, none of them are successful... But atleast I found the perfect pic for him hehehehe but I forgot the link so never mind

Christian Bale has been one of my favorite actors since now hehehe, he is good-looking and I don't care if he  is old, or married, or has a kid. Just look at him, he is the man....

That too is really good-lookingggg, I am going to use Christian Bale as John Rolfe because I mean like he played in "The New World" movie and he kinda suits it so yeah Christian Bale as Rolfe and you might be wondering why use Rolfe instead of Smith it is because Rolfe is the husband of Pocahontas.

yeah and this is the pic of Megan Fox, she is a really beautiful actress

I was going to use her as Megara from Hercules, I am having a hard time choosing who to be used as Hercules....

I am going to use Orlando Bloom as Peter Pan. No comments, maybe because he is Legolas and Legolas is like an elf, so yeahh it has got to be Orlando Bloom

James Morrison Beautiful Life

I am addicted to this James Morrison's song called 'Beautiful Life', its really niceee. I love it check t out guys.

madagascar 3

Okay today was a really tiring day, in the morning around 7 in the morning me and my mom and my little sis went to deliver my sister to her school. Then after that me, my mom and my little sis went to the apartment to take all the stuffs there and return it back home and we also have to clean the apartment because the apartment is going to be rented, and yes I am really happy for that because the apartment hasn't been used in  quiet a while so yeah I am kinda happy that somebody will take care of it...
Anyways we cleaned the apartment and my sis and I have to move things like towel hanger, some glasses, bed covers, blankets, pillows, cute glasses, carpets, one chair, a set of tea cups and tea pot, and so on... Let me tell you something it was kinda heavy carrying those things and we had to come up and down from the apartment to the parking lot. Thank God there is the lift our else I will probably be you know....
So yeah and my mom was also taking care of the renting thing and let me tell you it takes a pretty long time, and I mean the apartment wasn't at all cold, the weather is hot so I am sweating. Me and my sis waited and waited from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., you do the math...
Then after that I went to Plaza Indonesia again, before that I wanted to tell you something that I informed my sister to meet us there in the mall, and to which she replied that she will be there, I think I texted her like from 10 a.m. because my mom said that we can go to the mall after the apartment thingy business is done. She arrived there like around 12 while I arrived to the mall at 1.
My sister informed that she is going with some of her friends from her previous school in WMU. They seem really friendly and nice, I didn't talk much because my sister is like reuniting with her friends whom she loves and she keeps talking and I didn't want to interrupt. And this results that I am stuck with my little sis. Yeahhh, I know. We went to have sushi for lunch, I was kinda hungry and I had a good appetite and its been a while since I had sushi from a restaurant. I ate ALOT!!! Then one of my sister's friend came along and then me, my little sis, my sister and her 2 friends hangout around the mall, then we bought tickets to see the last and third installment of Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted. Because I am very lazy at typing I am just going to sum things up what I did today after buying the movie ticket, I ate honey bread at endining, to be honest the service was lame but the food is yummy, then we chat and chat and chat and then I arrived late to watch the movie, I was kinda pissed. But I had a great time watching and I felt that the movie should have been made longer because it is so good, 10 times better than Prometheus. I was like laughing the entire movie. The movie is fresh and funny and it is suitable for all ages.

Check out the trailer

Sabtu, 09 Juni 2012

Prometheus, hangout on 8 june 2012, wreck-it ralph trailer and brave trailer

Okay basically yesterday, me, my sister, my little sister and my elder sister's friend went to Plaza Indonesia yesterday, actually we hung most of the time in EX. Okay yesterday we watched Prometheus in the cinema. Here is the picture.

Let me tell you something about Prometheus, I know many people were like all crazy with this movie, everybody wanted to watch it, because of the actors and actresses who were casted there like Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron and many others... But the movie really didn't wow me at all, and it sorta freak me out with the overeffects of the movie, don't get me wrong but I really love the effects and the technology of the movie, I think they're great but the plot of the story didn't really gave me a huge wow with it at all. To be honest, I am not a huge fan of sci-fy but I actually love Star Trek( the movie directed by J.J Abrams), I think Star Trek has a much better plot than Prometheus, and what's weirder are the aliens, I don't get it like seriously, what is up with the aliens and all and the monsters, I don't understand them, and what's worse is that I think in the movie the characters think that the one who created them are the aliens but it is infact God, I mean like what is up with that, it sorta offends me alot, and it will offends other people too who have a strong faith in their religions. But seriously I don't find the movie at all good, I mean like the beginning part of the movie, where David( Michael Fassbender) who is an android appears, it was kinda nice but when the expedition thingy and all it really was kinda weird. And what's weirder is that the main character her name is Elizabeth Shaw played by Noomi Rapace didn't die, I mean like there were many dangers and all, but she didn't die at alll, I was so pissed off, I think the directors wanted to do that because they were planning for the SEQUEL of the movie and so there you go guys there will be a Prometheus 2. And now I have got  to watch it again to know what happens next. Man, this sucks.
Here is the trailer:

See, I mean like the trailer is pretty scary, and you won't imagine how scary the movie is and it sorta makes you feel very tense, its like the whole movie I sorta use my blanket to cover my eyes and I kept saying the stuffs which I like the most like for example, Bradley Cooper, so I say his name repeatedly until the scary scene is over and then I continue watching it again and it sorta works because I didn't get any nightmares in my sleep after watching this movie. And for viewers who enjoy sci-fy movies with a combination of some thriller, Prometheus is the movie for you. And I mean like the movie is like for 2 hours so just wanted to say Good Luck.

Oh yeahh I forgot to tell you about my hangout with my sisses, hahaha, okay to sum it up, buy movie ticket, eat lunch, go to bookstore, buy popcorn, watch movie and eating popcorn, buy some drinks, go to an xl centre, eat, buy some drinks, buy a fatburger. Yup there you go..

Here are some pics which I took

The dark green one is mint tea or something I forgot the name and the other one is macha latte with pudding, both are good drinks, good price, satisfy you in both ways....

This wasn't at all a bad pizza, it was atleast better than the grilled pizza...

Warning: For those who love paprikas, this grilled pizza will satisfy you but for those who doesn't love paprikas like me will not be able to enjoy this as much as those who enjoyed paprikas.

Best pizza dessert ever... Love ittt

Oh yeahh today I watched this amazingly cute trailer called Wreck-it Ralph, its Disney, and I just wanted to promote it because I love Disney. Here is the trailer:

And I can't also wait for 22 June because my sister is gonna come home from Sydney to Indonesia, so excited!!! And also the release date of Disney Pixar's Brave. Can't wait to watch it. I am a Disney Pixar Fan tooo. Check out the trailer

Yeahh thx for those awesome viewers who are reading this and can't wait to post another....

Senin, 04 Juni 2012

the new world and juno

Okay today well atleast I got something to do which is watching movies. I watched 2 movies today the first one is the new world and the other one is juno. Both movies are good.

I want to talk the first one called the new world. Played by Colin Farrell as Captain John Smith, Christopher Plummer as Captain Christopher Newport, Christian Bale as John Rolfe, and the young talented actress Q'orianka Kilcher as Pocahontas. Sorry to say her name the last because she is like the new one and her name is kinda difficult to spell. Anyways the story is based on the historical figures Captain John Smith and Pocahontas. Fun fact Christian Bale was the voice of Thomas in the disney version of Pocahontas. And in this movie he plays as John Rolfe, the husband of Pocahontas. What an improvement right!!! And also there is Irene Bedard who plays Pocahontas's mother, previously Bedard was the voice of Pocahontas in the disney movie Pocahontas.
Based on what I understood is that John Smith and the others arrive to the New World the place where Pocahontas and her tribe lives, John Smith was captured by the some of the tribals living there or a.k.a Pocahontas people. John Smith was planned to be killed but Pocahontas rescued him and she managed to convince her father, the chief to spare Smith's life but Smith has to spend time living amongst the tribes. From there we can see that John Smith has fallen in love with Pocahontas and Pocahontas too fell in love with him. But then time has passed and Smith was able to return to his camp with the English and then he said goodbye to Pocahontas. Okay as you can see I kinda fast forward the movie because it was getting pretty boring during John Smith's part and there wasn't much of the talking and because I watched the movie in the internet the sound wasn't really clear and all so.. okay anyways Pocahontas was told by some guy that John Smith was dead and Pocahontas became very depressed to her loss. And Pocahontas was placed to live in Jamestown and then soon there were some more people coming to Jamestown to do some helping and one of them was John Rolfe. Rolfe brought his wife and his daughter to Jamestown but they both die during the expedition. Then Rolfe met Pocahontas and they become very close. Soon Pocahontas was used to the normal English lives, she learned English, she was educated and she was also baptized. John Rolfe proposes to Pocahontas and to which she accepts and they were married. Pocahontas also gave birth to a son. Pocahontas also learned that Smith was alive. And then I don't know what happened but they went to England to see the King and Queen. Pocahontas also met her past lover John Smith and it was an uncomfortable reunion. And at the end Pocahontas became very sick and she passed away leaving John Rolfe, her husband and their son, Thomas Rolfe.

The film was released in 2005, and I just recently found it because I was like googling Christian Bale's filmography and then I found this so I watched the trailer and I got interested and I watched it today so yeahh the movie got alot of positive reviews. They also received many awards and nominations too. Check out the trailer below:

Okay moving on the next movie that I have watched is Juno. The movie is a comedy-drama film. Played by the amazing-talented Ellen Page, funny Michael Cera, Jennifer Garner and Jason Bateman and others.

Juno is a really good movie. I don't know what to say it is just gooood. Hehehe.

Check out the trailer below:

There you go and have a nice day^_^

Sabtu, 02 Juni 2012

n'sync and all4 one

Today I woke up so late at 1 p.m. this sucks so bad
Guys I just wanted to say that I love N'sync song called "its gonna be me" and all 4 one song called "i swear"
 check out the music video of n'sync its gonna be me below:

I've got to say that the theme of the music video is very creative. The dance moves are also very cool and difficult. The song is also totally catchy. But its sorta unfair for the other 3 members not to get their own parts. Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez keeps singing all the time, I mean like they got the best voice in the group.

Now check the songof all 4 one i swear

I mean like listening to the voices of these guys just gave me chills everywhere, the voices are so beautiful and I don't know I am in love with it. 

You know these days all the music is dominated by Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, One Direction and all those, I think the music in our generation sucks, when I look at the music of the older generation before these bands like backstreet boys and westlife, they made beautiful music. Oh and atleast the boyband which has dance moves they performed it greatly and perfectly not like one direction who only got like small moves and they pretty much suck at doing it (no offense guys) but look at backstreet boys and n'sync they dance like crazy and its awesome so great job guys

Jumat, 01 Juni 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman

Okay so today I have just watched Snow White and the Huntsman. I would say that its okay I don't know I don't really freak out with the movie much but if I would give a score probably like around 78 I think. I don't know maybe its because of Kristen Stewart, I'm not a really huge fan of her, she is so gloomy and so serious I have always pictured snow white to be very lively and sweet and smiling? I don't know because when I was a kid I watched the Disney classic version of Snow White and it seemed that she was like singing all the time in her high voice. Yeahh so what I meant is that I would recommend people to watch Snow White and the Huntsman because its a pure awesome fantasy action. The setting of the movie is really good, like when Snow White was escaping to the dark forest from the evil queen's soldiers, the forest looks fantastic it was like dark, has a lot of creepy insects, the trees even looked scary and also the scene where Snow White and the huntsman was being led by the dwarves to the sanctuary village was beautiful, very colorful and its awesome that is just what I want to say.
The film stars Kristen Stewart as Snow White, Charlize Theron as Queen Ravenna, Chris Hemsworth as Eric(the huntsman), Sam Claffin as William, and many others I really don't know much of the cast. You can check the cast in imdb, they have a complete list of the names of the cast.
I really want to say is that I love Charlize Theron, she is like one of my favorite actress, her performance as the evil queen was amazing, she really nailed it. Charlize Theron is the reason why I wanted to watch this movie. And lastly I just wanted to say is that she is a very beautiful. Now moving on Kristen Stewart, I really would like to begin by saying that out all of the many pretty and talented actresses why did the director chose her. It may seem to be kinda rude but I really mean it and I am very sorry for those who are huge fans of Kristen Stewart. And her potrayal of Snow White does not really match her personality and all, I don't know maybe because she is Bella Swan. But I think Kristen Stewart tried her best and deliver a good performance. And lastly Chris Hemsworth, I don't really like Chris Hemsworth in a beard I don't know it makes him look old and sometimes when he speaks out his line I can't listen to it clearly and especially he plays as a guy who has a scottish accent so yeahh there you go. But I mean like this guy played Thor in Thor so who yeahh all the girls would be all fan girling and all hehehe just saying....

Maybe all I just wanted to say that Charlize Theron was like the one who just made this movie looked amazing. Charlize Theron captured all the hearts of the audiences hehehe... But yeahh you should see the movie it is totally worthed if you don't mind the actors and actresses(just joking) and yeah check out the trailer of the movie below

I mean like looking at that trailer would probably make you goosebumps. They have brilliant effects. And who wouldn't want to watch a movie which has the same producer of the movie Alice in Wonderland. So don't forget to check out the movie.