Jumat, 15 Juni 2012

madagascar 3

Okay today was a really tiring day, in the morning around 7 in the morning me and my mom and my little sis went to deliver my sister to her school. Then after that me, my mom and my little sis went to the apartment to take all the stuffs there and return it back home and we also have to clean the apartment because the apartment is going to be rented, and yes I am really happy for that because the apartment hasn't been used in  quiet a while so yeah I am kinda happy that somebody will take care of it...
Anyways we cleaned the apartment and my sis and I have to move things like towel hanger, some glasses, bed covers, blankets, pillows, cute glasses, carpets, one chair, a set of tea cups and tea pot, and so on... Let me tell you something it was kinda heavy carrying those things and we had to come up and down from the apartment to the parking lot. Thank God there is the lift our else I will probably be you know....
So yeah and my mom was also taking care of the renting thing and let me tell you it takes a pretty long time, and I mean the apartment wasn't at all cold, the weather is hot so I am sweating. Me and my sis waited and waited from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., you do the math...
Then after that I went to Plaza Indonesia again, before that I wanted to tell you something that I informed my sister to meet us there in the mall, and to which she replied that she will be there, I think I texted her like from 10 a.m. because my mom said that we can go to the mall after the apartment thingy business is done. She arrived there like around 12 while I arrived to the mall at 1.
My sister informed that she is going with some of her friends from her previous school in WMU. They seem really friendly and nice, I didn't talk much because my sister is like reuniting with her friends whom she loves and she keeps talking and I didn't want to interrupt. And this results that I am stuck with my little sis. Yeahhh, I know. We went to have sushi for lunch, I was kinda hungry and I had a good appetite and its been a while since I had sushi from a restaurant. I ate ALOT!!! Then one of my sister's friend came along and then me, my little sis, my sister and her 2 friends hangout around the mall, then we bought tickets to see the last and third installment of Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted. Because I am very lazy at typing I am just going to sum things up what I did today after buying the movie ticket, I ate honey bread at endining, to be honest the service was lame but the food is yummy, then we chat and chat and chat and then I arrived late to watch the movie, I was kinda pissed. But I had a great time watching and I felt that the movie should have been made longer because it is so good, 10 times better than Prometheus. I was like laughing the entire movie. The movie is fresh and funny and it is suitable for all ages.

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