Sabtu, 02 Juni 2012

n'sync and all4 one

Today I woke up so late at 1 p.m. this sucks so bad
Guys I just wanted to say that I love N'sync song called "its gonna be me" and all 4 one song called "i swear"
 check out the music video of n'sync its gonna be me below:

I've got to say that the theme of the music video is very creative. The dance moves are also very cool and difficult. The song is also totally catchy. But its sorta unfair for the other 3 members not to get their own parts. Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez keeps singing all the time, I mean like they got the best voice in the group.

Now check the songof all 4 one i swear

I mean like listening to the voices of these guys just gave me chills everywhere, the voices are so beautiful and I don't know I am in love with it. 

You know these days all the music is dominated by Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, One Direction and all those, I think the music in our generation sucks, when I look at the music of the older generation before these bands like backstreet boys and westlife, they made beautiful music. Oh and atleast the boyband which has dance moves they performed it greatly and perfectly not like one direction who only got like small moves and they pretty much suck at doing it (no offense guys) but look at backstreet boys and n'sync they dance like crazy and its awesome so great job guys

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