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Prometheus, hangout on 8 june 2012, wreck-it ralph trailer and brave trailer

Okay basically yesterday, me, my sister, my little sister and my elder sister's friend went to Plaza Indonesia yesterday, actually we hung most of the time in EX. Okay yesterday we watched Prometheus in the cinema. Here is the picture.

Let me tell you something about Prometheus, I know many people were like all crazy with this movie, everybody wanted to watch it, because of the actors and actresses who were casted there like Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron and many others... But the movie really didn't wow me at all, and it sorta freak me out with the overeffects of the movie, don't get me wrong but I really love the effects and the technology of the movie, I think they're great but the plot of the story didn't really gave me a huge wow with it at all. To be honest, I am not a huge fan of sci-fy but I actually love Star Trek( the movie directed by J.J Abrams), I think Star Trek has a much better plot than Prometheus, and what's weirder are the aliens, I don't get it like seriously, what is up with the aliens and all and the monsters, I don't understand them, and what's worse is that I think in the movie the characters think that the one who created them are the aliens but it is infact God, I mean like what is up with that, it sorta offends me alot, and it will offends other people too who have a strong faith in their religions. But seriously I don't find the movie at all good, I mean like the beginning part of the movie, where David( Michael Fassbender) who is an android appears, it was kinda nice but when the expedition thingy and all it really was kinda weird. And what's weirder is that the main character her name is Elizabeth Shaw played by Noomi Rapace didn't die, I mean like there were many dangers and all, but she didn't die at alll, I was so pissed off, I think the directors wanted to do that because they were planning for the SEQUEL of the movie and so there you go guys there will be a Prometheus 2. And now I have got  to watch it again to know what happens next. Man, this sucks.
Here is the trailer:

See, I mean like the trailer is pretty scary, and you won't imagine how scary the movie is and it sorta makes you feel very tense, its like the whole movie I sorta use my blanket to cover my eyes and I kept saying the stuffs which I like the most like for example, Bradley Cooper, so I say his name repeatedly until the scary scene is over and then I continue watching it again and it sorta works because I didn't get any nightmares in my sleep after watching this movie. And for viewers who enjoy sci-fy movies with a combination of some thriller, Prometheus is the movie for you. And I mean like the movie is like for 2 hours so just wanted to say Good Luck.

Oh yeahh I forgot to tell you about my hangout with my sisses, hahaha, okay to sum it up, buy movie ticket, eat lunch, go to bookstore, buy popcorn, watch movie and eating popcorn, buy some drinks, go to an xl centre, eat, buy some drinks, buy a fatburger. Yup there you go..

Here are some pics which I took

The dark green one is mint tea or something I forgot the name and the other one is macha latte with pudding, both are good drinks, good price, satisfy you in both ways....

This wasn't at all a bad pizza, it was atleast better than the grilled pizza...

Warning: For those who love paprikas, this grilled pizza will satisfy you but for those who doesn't love paprikas like me will not be able to enjoy this as much as those who enjoyed paprikas.

Best pizza dessert ever... Love ittt

Oh yeahh today I watched this amazingly cute trailer called Wreck-it Ralph, its Disney, and I just wanted to promote it because I love Disney. Here is the trailer:

And I can't also wait for 22 June because my sister is gonna come home from Sydney to Indonesia, so excited!!! And also the release date of Disney Pixar's Brave. Can't wait to watch it. I am a Disney Pixar Fan tooo. Check out the trailer

Yeahh thx for those awesome viewers who are reading this and can't wait to post another....

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