Kamis, 28 Juni 2012

The Silver Linings Playbook and the Wrath of the Titans

Okay so basically today I just can't believe that I have watched the first footage of the silver linings playbook. Let me tell you something about the silver linings playbook, first of all, the movie is played by my 2  favorite actors who are Bradley Cooper(the Hangover, Limitless) and Jennifer Lawrence(the Hunger Games, X-men: first class), second most important thing is that I have been waiting for this movie since last year when I heard that Bradley Cooper was casted in this movie. I mean like previously Mark Walhberg was cast as the main character in this movie but due to scheduling conflicts, he dropped out of the project. So Bradley Cooper replaced him. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that Bradley Cooper played as Pat Peoples. As for Jennifer Lawrence's role, Tiffany, I heard in some news that Anne Hathaway signed to play as Jennifer's role but she dropped out due to scheduling conflicts, and also Angelina Jolie was also attached to it, but at last David O'Russel who directed this movie decided to go for Jennifer Lawrence as Tiffany. People might say that Bradley and Jennifer has a really huge gap of age difference which is 15 years and they will not suit one another and all, but let me tell you guys something that both actors are playing another upcoming movie in 2013 based from a novel called "Serena" by Ron Rash. Maybe because both actors have an amazing chemistry. So for those of all the fan girls who like Jennifer Lawrence with Josh Hutcherson, I just wanted to say that you can't always make Jennifer with Josh all the time, Jennifer needs to be with other boys, and besides they aren't even dating, Jennifer is dating her X-men co-star, Nicholas Hoult who plays as Hank/Beast. And also I wanted to say that I don't really like Josh Hutcherson because maybe he is too young for Jennifer, Jennifer needs someone who is older and more experienced.

Check out the trailer guys, and don't forget to spread the news to support both Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence for those who are huge fans of Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper(like me!!!)

Okay how awesome is that!!! Bradley is so super duper hot!! Nobody in twitter didn't tell me about this so you know what I did, I typed Bradley Cooper's name in google to check any of his news like his dating news, movie news, etc. And then I found this, at first I thought they were like joking to me but no, it was true, so I was like screaming like a crazy fan girl. Seriously guys I did, I have been waiting for this movie since last year and I saw all the photos during the filming of the movie, mostly they were Jennifer Lawrence though, but it doesn't matter. 

And today I also watched Wrath of the Titans, I prefer the first one better because the story is much better compared to the second one. When I was watching wrath of the titans, I kept thinking of Bradley Cooper so much that I actually didn't watch the movie, let me tell you guys something since I was watching the movie in my house it was very different compared to when I was watching in the cinema. So sometimes I prefer to watch in the theater than at home because at home you easily get bored watching the movie while in the cinema you don't. This is weird.

So after I have watched Wrath of the Titans, I used my laptop to write this blog. Have a nice day everyone.

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