Kamis, 06 Juni 2013


Hello guys that's my hand up there ....Okay guys I know I haven't been writing again yeahh I know, but u know I don't have any time to do (well technically I have quiet a lot of nothing to do but I just don't think blogging is the activity to do so...). This blog is going to be long though so I hope you might not get bored reading it

Anyways yeahh its been almost 3 months since I wrote in the blog...haha I forgot what I did the last 3 months well its just mostly exams, a lot of fangirling in these couple of months and well proscrastination and eating sugars and chocolates(yes my appetite for sweets has grown I am getting fatter)

I've been eating these mostly..


But these days I have been eating these delicious chocolate bars

They taste abit like snickers but they are more cheaper haha...I think they taste the same although I like snickers better but they are more expensive so....yeahh I like buying this instead ^_^

Anyways its still exams season here for me :"( yesshh all my friends technically they're my classmates as I am not close to most of them who don't take subjects like accounts and economics are free from yesterday...haha since I take both the subjects I still have to face this dreadful exams until next wednesday. This is so unfair you know I have got 3 more exams 2 Accounting papers and 1 Economics MCQ paper. UGHHHH HAAAAA (sorry I am a bit crazy...hahaha LOL).

These couple of weeks I have been playing this old game in PSP called Persona 3 Portable (P3P), this game was made first for playstation users but later they modified it and made a female main character which can be pretty interesting....yeahhh here I'll let you see it

See the 2 front people the boy and the girl, yeah that's us they're the main characters and we control them and help to save the world because of something called apathy syndrome I don't really know I just fast-forward the dialogue part of the game because its super boring and they're kinda long. Anyways I played this game and I spent so much hours playing this game increasing the levels, fusing many personas together, increasing social links with other characters and increasing the status like charm, courage and academics. Like on the first day playing this game, I slept at around 1.40 a.m and my mother suddenly opened the door and scolded at me for not going to bed and also because I didn't study the whole day so well she got pissed.

 These are the characters from left to right are: Yukari, Mitsuru, Akihiko, Koromaru(up), main character boy, main character female, Junpei, Fuuka, Aigis, Shinjiro and lastly Ken.  The picture below is all the main characters.

This is a funny picture hahaha Lol

Moving on... Okay these couple of moths I have watched some interesting movies in the cinema and since its the summer season many good and awesome box-office movies hit the theatre

 Iron Man 3, Star Trek 2 and Fast and Furious 6 are released in the summer, all 3 of them are block-buster movies so most people are likely to watch them. Okay Iron Man is released in May 3 and most of the teenagers come to watch it so this leads to the full seats in the theatre hall, I watched Iron man on the 5th which is on sunday . And then after that I had exams so my parents don't allow me to watch movies because they told me to concentrate on my exams until may 26th which is on a sunday again and we watched Fast and furious 6 that day, cinema as usual was very crowded, actually in the 26th I was planning to watch star trek because I kinda like the first one and I wanted to watch the sequel to that but since my father isn't a sci-fi fan he insists we watch fast and furious 6 but on the 29th I did get to watch Star Trek 2 and it is mind-blowing!!!

Iron Man was mehhh and okay but I wouldn't watch it twice or more but overall it was entertaining. Fast and Furious 6 was better than Iron  man 3 though but fast 5 is still the best. But the movie which totally won my heart is Star Trek 2. Mind-blowing is the word which I can describe it, Benedict Cumberbatch is fantastic as the villain. But the movie which I didn't get to see is the Hangover 3. I mean there is Bradley Cooper in it, have I told you that I have a massive crush on him since like forever (its actually when I was 12). I still haven't watch it till now this is just so sad.

Lets talk about male celeb crushes, I know I have one and its Bradley Cooper <3 (okay IF Bradley happens to see this I know he wouldn't but hey I did say "if" I just wanted to tell him that I love you that is all....I feel I am creepy girl) yeah since I have this huge crush on him I kinda googled him like every single day but when I was playing persona I didn't have the chance to do that. So anyways Bradley's hair is short and you can see it below

Okay tell me he's hot okay not hot but gorgeous yes I said it he is gorgeous lol but this is the side effect of fangirling it gets too creepy and akward... well anyways if you don't like him then whatever people's taste are different. Yeah that picture was taken when he was in DC for health conference about mental illness. Okay I still am not sure whether he is currently dating or not okay I don't really know because he doesn't like talking about his relationships in public so its still unsure but the girl that he has been spending most of his time with is this British model called Suki Waterhouse and I don't know if whether they are still seeing each other but the last time they hung out was in New York.

                                             bradley cooper suki waterhouse roam nyc before met ball 05

The girl is 21 years old but many reports say that she is 20 years old, I don't know which is the correct one.If you want to know about her just google her or go tumblring her.

Anyways I kinda have this obsession for this guy his name is Benedict Cumberbatch. He is british, he is 36 years old, he is single (YAY!!) and he is an awesome actor. Check out his movies like Star Trek 2, War Horse, Sherlock (I only know those but he plays lots of movies).

Okay there is plenty of his pictures in google just check it out by yourself, the thing about why I like Benedict Cumberbatch is that he looks smart and he has a very cool voice. He is not that photogenic, he looks better in real life than in photos.

So lately I've got scoldings from my mom and its very tiring for me to listen to it. I just hate it. Well okay I am not studying lately but you don't have to scold me everyday its getting annoying and its just not my mom who scolds me but also my dad. He gets angry easily for no reason. Like one time last sunday, my dad, little sister and I decided to go grocery shopping but before that when we leave the car, he scolds me for carrying my bag, well excuse me, the bag contains my cell phone and also it has my purse inside it. So yeah that kinda pisses me off. And just now my mom scolds me again and I think its on 9 p.m. seriously its just crazy. My mom has this loud voice and when she gets angry it gets even more monstrous so well I don't like it when she is in angry mode. Its just terrible. That's all...

Okay nevermind about the scoldings I kinda like this song its called The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra. Its an old song but when I listen to this song its very sweet and romantic. I plan on putting this on my list of songs played on my wedding day. Listen to it below

And if you manage to read everything from up to bottom, I thank you for spending your time with this. And I will write this some other time, BYE!!!!