Jumat, 26 Oktober 2012

The Glee Project

Okay yesterday I watched this show called the glee project. Yeah I know if its already "too laid back" but seriously I haven't watch it until yesterday. Anyways I watched the first season of the show and let me tell you its pretty cool.

And to be an expert on the show I know all the competitors name B-)

The competitors of the glee project season 1.
The top row from left: Mckenzie, Samuel, Marissa, Ellise, Hannah, Cameron
The bottow row from left: Damian, Alex, Lindsay, Matheas, Emily, Bryce

Okay let me tell you something about the show. The show is actually looking for someone who can sing, dance and act I guess and the winner will act in 7 episodes of glee. For spoilers the "winners" yeah I know the judges decided to pick 2 winners. They are Damian and Samuel. 
To be honest while watching the show yesterday there was this one contestant who really attracts me the most and let's say hello to Cameron Mitchell.

What I know about him is that his full name is Robert Cameron Mitchell. He is born on 15th February 1990. He is born and raised in Texas I guess. And he is talented in singing and a talented at playing the guitar. Cameron is also a devout Christian ^__^.

Cameron and Damian. They are really good friends.

How handsome can he get. Let me tell you what I think he is not good at DANCING. Not to be rude or anything but he looks funny when dancing it is kinda akward that it makes you laugh. Maybe he is more of the singing type.

My other favorite contender is Marissa.

One word for her: BEAUTIFUL. She is really beautiful and talented. I just love her. That's it I don't know what to say about he because I am straight.

One of my most favorite homework assignment of the glee project is the lady antebelleum song "Need you now". Cameron and Marissa was paired together. I mean like although Cameron was in a relationship I have no idea about it now, but seriously Cameron looks better with Marissa compared with his girlfriend.

See they are so cute together, I keep fangirling all the time when I saw them together.

So I guess this is it for now.....see you next time.....

Rabu, 24 Oktober 2012

Jumat, 19 Oktober 2012

Reconnected with my blog.....:)

Sorry for not uploading these couple of months...Anyways I am back!!
Today on the 19th of October 2012, I have finished my BI orals!!! Yay!!! This also includes my Bahasa IGCSE Paper 2 and Paper 4. Unfortunately my orals didn't go very well....I don't really like talking about it, it just makes me sad.....:(
To recap these couple of months, I have just selected what subjects that I am going to do in IGCSE. I selected Economics, Accounting, Biology, ICT, Maths and English as a Second Language. As you can see the subjects that I selected are related to business, this is because I am planning to take business accounting for college. Besides I prefer accounting and economics more than physics and chemistry. And I am so happy that I don't have to choose Physics anymore because to be honest my physics sorta sucks and I have no interest in learning physics...I am not a logical person. However I enjoy Biology very much. At first I was planning to take Geography in level 9 but as I think about it in level 10, I don't really need Geography, and to be frank I don't really trust the teacher much....and to top it of I took economics instead of Geography because I find economics to be interesting and my economics mark is higher than geography mark.
Anyways I am planning to make my grades good so that I can go to this college

I hope that my grades are sufficient to enter this school, because I have made up my mind to go to abroad to Australia. MIBT has a really good commerce stream so I am pretty interested with it ^_^.

Anyways these couple of days I am watching this show called my so-called life starring Claire Danes who is like my favorite actress, She is one of the most talented actress that I have ever seen plus she is so beautiful.

This is a family photo of the Chase household.

This is Angela Chase. She is the main protagonist of the show. She is played by the lovely and talented Claire Danes.

This is Rayanne Graff. She is naughty and is considered to be a bad influence to Angela by Angelas's mom.

This is Ricky Vasquez. He is Angela and Rayannes' bisexual friend.

This is Sharon Cherski. She is Angela's old best friend.

This is Jordan Catalano. Angela has a crush on him.

This is Brian Krakow. He is Angela's super smart classmate.

Actually there are more characters but I am just too lazy to post them. Eventhough the movie is a bit too old for me, I felt that this series is an interesting one because it is related to all the modern life of the teenagers. Thus teenagers can relate to this show very well. I really like the main character, Angela Chase, she is so influential and she can be a role model for the younger generation like me.
If you would like to watch this show you can watch it in youtube for free.

I went to youtube and I found some videos that I would like to share with you guys.

Hope you guys enjoy and have a nice a day :)

yours sincerely
Victoria xoxo