Jumat, 01 Juni 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman

Okay so today I have just watched Snow White and the Huntsman. I would say that its okay I don't know I don't really freak out with the movie much but if I would give a score probably like around 78 I think. I don't know maybe its because of Kristen Stewart, I'm not a really huge fan of her, she is so gloomy and so serious I have always pictured snow white to be very lively and sweet and smiling? I don't know because when I was a kid I watched the Disney classic version of Snow White and it seemed that she was like singing all the time in her high voice. Yeahh so what I meant is that I would recommend people to watch Snow White and the Huntsman because its a pure awesome fantasy action. The setting of the movie is really good, like when Snow White was escaping to the dark forest from the evil queen's soldiers, the forest looks fantastic it was like dark, has a lot of creepy insects, the trees even looked scary and also the scene where Snow White and the huntsman was being led by the dwarves to the sanctuary village was beautiful, very colorful and its awesome that is just what I want to say.
The film stars Kristen Stewart as Snow White, Charlize Theron as Queen Ravenna, Chris Hemsworth as Eric(the huntsman), Sam Claffin as William, and many others I really don't know much of the cast. You can check the cast in imdb, they have a complete list of the names of the cast.
I really want to say is that I love Charlize Theron, she is like one of my favorite actress, her performance as the evil queen was amazing, she really nailed it. Charlize Theron is the reason why I wanted to watch this movie. And lastly I just wanted to say is that she is a very beautiful. Now moving on Kristen Stewart, I really would like to begin by saying that out all of the many pretty and talented actresses why did the director chose her. It may seem to be kinda rude but I really mean it and I am very sorry for those who are huge fans of Kristen Stewart. And her potrayal of Snow White does not really match her personality and all, I don't know maybe because she is Bella Swan. But I think Kristen Stewart tried her best and deliver a good performance. And lastly Chris Hemsworth, I don't really like Chris Hemsworth in a beard I don't know it makes him look old and sometimes when he speaks out his line I can't listen to it clearly and especially he plays as a guy who has a scottish accent so yeahh there you go. But I mean like this guy played Thor in Thor so who yeahh all the girls would be all fan girling and all hehehe just saying....

Maybe all I just wanted to say that Charlize Theron was like the one who just made this movie looked amazing. Charlize Theron captured all the hearts of the audiences hehehe... But yeahh you should see the movie it is totally worthed if you don't mind the actors and actresses(just joking) and yeah check out the trailer of the movie below

I mean like looking at that trailer would probably make you goosebumps. They have brilliant effects. And who wouldn't want to watch a movie which has the same producer of the movie Alice in Wonderland. So don't forget to check out the movie.

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