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Okay today I went to the mall and I finally watched Disney Pixar's Brave. I have waited for the movie since last year and I planned to watch it last week on 22 June because it was the release date in Jakarta, but I didn't went there because of some stuffs. But I watched it at last, and I watched it with my younger sister, she wasn't really pleased with the movie compared to me, I mean like she wanted to watch this Christian Bale's movie called "The Flowers of War", and she was kinda like mad at me, because I mean I would choose Brave than The Flowers of War more than anything. First of all, c'mon man its Pixar, I love Pixar, I love all the Toy Story series, recently watched a bug's life and ratatouille and I love them, then I will always love Monsters inc due to the creative plots, the incredibles is also nice, then I also love Up too. Haven't watched wall-e and cars, because wall-e doesn't have much dialogue in the movie but people said that the movie was really good and for cars, I was never interested about movies that involves cars. And secondly, I knew Brave much earlier than when I know Flowers Of War so that gains a point. And lastly, every movie of Pixar takes up a really long time like arround 6 to maybe even 10 years. And the movie is quite more expensive despite the running time of the whole movie is shorter.

Basically, Brave has a wonderful design, song scores is also very good, the voices of the characters are also good like for me I love Merida's scottish accent. However, the plot of the story doesn't really wow me compared to that of Ratatouille, Toy Story 1,2 and 3, the Incredibles, Monsters inc, and etc. I mean like I think its great for Pixar to have the first female protagonist in all the Pixar movies but the story was kinda like Brother Bear in a better version. But I enjoyed it a lot, everything comes perfectly together, the images were so life-like especially the scenery, I was impressed really well with the songs too, it is really good. To be honest if I was to watch Brave for the second time I would say "YES, definitely!!" I mean c'mon, I love Merida, I think she has got a beautiful hair, the red huge curly hair, I just wanted to feel it.

Check out the trailer:

So what are you waiting folks, go and watch Brave!!!

Oh yeah I forgot to mention that since I love the songs of Brave, I downloaded one album of it. My favorite song is Touch the Sky performed by Julie Fowlis. I mean like this song was used when Merida was with her horse, Angus and they were like going for an adventure, you can just imagine this song with the scenery of the beautiful Scotland and Merida riding her black horse, her hair was like moving really beautifully, the song totally matches.

Awesome right!

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