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First day of school in MIBTi (8 July 2013)

My hands are killing me right now and I have to type this so let us just get this over with shall we...okay well today is my first day of school. I am still pissed the fact the people call me by my last name "Tika" rather than my first name "Victoria" at least they could call me "Rebecca" instead. Tika just sounds so bad...
I just had the most tiring journey just now, I have to stop 3 times in the busway stops. Geeshhh and worst of all I have to carry all my books, and I think I just build muscles on my arms, this just sucks...

Anyways yeah today was my first day, and I have Academic Study Skills for 4hrs, you know what that means its boring....sorry sir but it is, you know the teacher gave us copies of the presentation slide, and guess what I scribbled the pages, and writing some unnecessary stuffs. Lol anyways here is a picture of my classroom...


Well since this was the first week, there wasn't anything much to tell, basically what I did just now was listening the teacher's lecture and do some evaluation tests, it was like to know your study style whether you're a visual, auditory or tactical learner, my results was visual in one test but the other test which I took, I got auditory. Basically I am a mixed. ^_^ And then we created like a daily schedule for our daily activities which I don't think I will follow and also we make our trimester planner. And that is just it nothing much...

And also today, I just got my books and let me tell you they are not like the ones you get in school. The books are rental, so if there are any damages, we must pay them. So I've got like 6 books...

Photo: Books

Now when I got home from school, I used the bus right, and it was so crowded and very hot. The sun rays came directly towards me..this is the first time I came home using the bus. Okay so I've got to stop 2 bus stops in order to do transit, but today I stopped thrice. First in the busway near my school, then in semanggi and then in harmoni. The waiting line in harmoni is the worst, there were too many people and it is freaking hot and in addition to that I have to carry those books so in my mind I just wanted to keep these books safe till I reach home, I keep thinking that for the rest of my journey, don't really care much about other things. My hands were so tired after carrying these books. I arrived at home at 3 p.m. and went to eat my lunch immediately, because I was in a state of hunger. And I ate a lot today, I ate rice with fish and crepes. When I had my piano coaching, both my hands were so dangly and it won't just move. 

Warning: If my sisters are reading this blog, the following segment isn't necessary to be read, as it contain my fangirl feels. But if you are willing and won't mind then go ahead, I have warned you.

Okay so anyways I just ate some chocolate chip cookies, and half of them is finished by me. I feel so fat....And so I checked google just now at around 5 p.m. and guess what ?!

It turns out that the one who won in Wimbledon is Andy Murray. And I kinda googled him right and he kinda looks handsome....this is weird...


Triumphant: Andy Murray holds his trophy high after winning the Wimbledon championship

Turns out it has been 77 years since Britain won, and this guy, Andy won the championship in 2013. How awesome is that?! And he is going to be popular now. Hahahaa okay btw you know Bradley Cooper watched the match yesterday with his girlfriend. And there was Gerard Butler too and guess what Bradley Cooper took selfies with him LOL with his blackberry phone...hahaha Bradley and I have so much in common, we use the same brand of phone I mean how romantic could that get, not like his girlfriend, Suki who uses a different brand :p. Okay I'll show you the pics below.

Strike a pose: Bradley takes a self-portrait of himself and Gerard
I didn't even know Bradley take selfies 

Vintage style: Wearing light-coloured suits and retro frames Bradley and Gerard could have been attended the 1963 men's final
Bradley Cooper, Gerard Butler and Suki Waterhouse

Finally some attention! Suki leans in to her boyfriend
Leaning huh?

Okay this I gotta comment, well why do you like to kiss Bradley so much, Suki? WHYYYYYY!!!!!

more romantic whispering, what are they even talking about anyways?

Okay I am not going to comment much but all I can say is that I just love Bradley too much 'kay. After watching the match both Bradley and Suki went home together. 

Preoccupied: Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse check their messages after the Men's Final at Wimbledon on Sunday
no topics to talk about just keep playing your phone guys, great..seriously Bradley if you don;t love her anymore why don't you just dump her, you know it is not gonna work anyways.

Embedded image permalink
just walking, okay this I found by a person from twitter.

Oh and I also forgot to mention that Bradley Cooper and gf went to the rolling stones concert and then to some party afterwards. Yup Bradley and girlfriend. Why do you this to me???/!! You can find more info in google.

Pictures are mostly from daily mail, google images, tumblr and twitter ( I find twitter to be a good place for stalking Bradley Cooper)

Okay I think this is it for today, there are news saying that Bradley is in NYC right now. Tomorrow I am going to have Economics class and have to go through 4hrs of class. This is just sad :(

'Kay Bye and see you tomorrow :D

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