Kamis, 25 Juli 2013

Cramps everywhere

Hey its been a while since I blogged, I think for about a 2 days. Anyways on Tuesday, I bought this McFlurry Ice cream.


Blackcurrant flavour

I think it costs Rp. 10000, and it is so good. I wouldn't mind spending another Rp. 10000 on it. 

Okay guess what...you know I think I just find the perfect song to stay awake at night. Check this song out.


The band is called The GooGoo Dolls, and the song is Iris. I think it was a famous song back then. I mean I keep listening to this song in radios, and in restaurants and in movies. But I have no idea what the title of this song is. And yesterday I found it in youtube. And I am freaking excited. Fun fact: The main vocalist of the googoo dolls, John Rzenik, sang the original soundtrack of Treasure Planet, I'm Still Here. 

Okay I keep procrastinating these days and this sucks. I haven't finished any of the presentation slides yet, and this kinda suck. I keep on playing and googling Bradley Cooper all the time. I just hate it. Geeeshhh... As usual on thursday, we have computing class, you know the teacher calls me Tika right, and this sucks. Today the teacher called my name Tika and he said that everytime he calls my name, he keeps getting hungry. This becomes a joke to everybody in the class. All the boys were laughing. Now I told my teacher my name which is Victoria and he was like oooohhhh and he asked why the name Tika is put on the attendance list, and I said I also don't know. And that resolves the name problems for today, my computer teacher from now onwards call me Victoria, and I am really happy.

Okay see here I just googled something from the internet and you know what happened, Bradley is going to Hawaii. And guess what who is coming along with him? His girlfriend. Why??? I don't know. It's like everywhere Bradley goes, Suki has to come along. I just don't get it. The news say that Bradley and Suki were seen smiling and were greeted by the locals in the airport. I don't know whether this is going to be a romantic trip or a work thing? Because Bradley doesn't start shooting until September and now its July, therefore I think Bradley is enjoying his break with Suki in Hawaii. I mean I really wonder what will they be doing? I hope they don't get married because that will just break my heart. Nawww I am just kidding...why would Bradley think of getting married with her. She is not a committed person, I mean she doesn't look like one, and to be honest so does Bradley. You know I still don't get it these days, I mean why are all the good-looking guys taken? WHYYYY????? Like for example, Bradley Cooper is with Suki Waterhouse, Nicholas Hoult is with Jennifer Lawrence, Aidan Turner is with Sarah Green, Tom Hiddleston is rumoured to be dating a woman and so on....You know this just sucks so bad...and they are all the guys I like.

Okay speaking of other things, from morning till the afternoons I just got cramps in my stomach. It literally hurts and I can't at long distances, because I don't have the energy to do so. 

I think this it for today, BYE!!!

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