Jumat, 12 Juli 2013

Hot and Bored day (12 July 2013)

Hello people, you know I had the most boring day like seriously today's class was so boring. I got accounting class today and yup super boring like literally B-O-R-I-N-G....4 hours of boredom....The topics covered in this semester is the same like when I was studying in school. So I think it is pretty easy but I have no idea what it is gonna turn out..

Okay so when I got home from class, guess what? All the rooms upstairs are locked, my mom and my sister went out to get new glasses for my sister, and I sorta waited for them a while downstairs, the weather is pretty hot and I was sweating. I was also hungry too because I didn't eat much breakfast, I only drank milk and ate boiled egg, so well my stomach keeps growling. Then when I got home, I immeadetly opened the fridge and found a roll cake, I opened and it and cut some slices for me to eat. And it was so good. I also ate rice too by the way. In addition to that I ate lots of candies, so I feel very fat at that moment. And then I just waited downstairs and played with my cell phone, thankfully I carried my cell phone everywhere I go or not because I will be so bored. And by 2.30 or 3 p.m. I feel sleepy and so I decided to take a nap until 5 p.m.

Now for today's Bradley Cooper news....damdamdam.....yeah he was spotted sweating in LA. He just finished his workout in Soul Cycle and he was sweating because he did an extreme workout. I even sweat while walking but not as much as him, he is like wet, his whole face is wet, but I have to say, I kinda want to touch him for no reason? Okay that sounds perverted but I don't know, I think he looks normal and that is really good. Okay check out the pics below.

Sweaty but still sexy: Bradley Cooper was dripping wet as he left Soul Cycle in Los Angeles on Thursday

Speed racer: The only signs that he had been in a gym class were Bradley's bright blue trainers and red workout bag

There are more pics but its just him heading to his motorcycle and getting ready to go home, you can check out dailymail to see more information. Bradley is into working out these days, I think its for a role he is going to star? Hmmm let us see later... Okay but you seeing these pictures makes me miss one thing, his beard. I mean I love Bradley with his facial hair, it looks really good with him, he really pulled of that look,I am not kidding. But you know without the facial hair he still looks nice too, he is technically the same person so yeah he is still handsome to me.

This is it for today, see you tomorrow, BYE!!!

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