Minggu, 14 Juli 2013

Hahaha its sunday again (14 July 2013)

Today is sunday and so I have to go to church, I went to church in the morning, because I have to play the piano. And then I immeadetly went for the afternoon sermon. And then after that me and my family went home except for my dad, he went home after the morning sermon, but he picked me, my mom and my little sister from church. Actually we were planning to eat in Burger King but we decided to go home because I have a class in church (it is like for a preparation before being baptized) at 3.30 p.m. and my dad was lazy to go outside so yup we went home instead. 

I actually like the 3.30 class, its awesome, I learned so many things within 1.5 hrs. I enjoyed it. Can't wait for next week's class. Oh yah , I was planning to watch a movie in the cinema on Tuesday because on wednesday I have a day off and I think it will be a good idea to go on a Tuesday. I asked permission from my mom right and she went all mad with me. She said that I can get kidnapped in the cinema hall, I think its pretty non-sense, especially if I am watching an animated movie. I mean how can I get kidnapped so easily? This is insanely weird. She said that I was too young, and she goes on with the age thing. I mean I am 15 and why can't I go by myself? She says that I can go when I am 16, you know she keeps giving me excuses, like one time before I was unable to cross the road by myself or ride the bus by my own, she won't allow me, but now when I am able to do it, she goes on with the age thing. This is pretty terrible. My life is so unfair. I just wanted to watch Monsters University and this is what I get. Just Great....I get so pissed and I didn't really respond to my mom. I just kept quiet and didn't look at anybody. I was so mad and I was in no mood to talk. 

But that whole angry mood changed when I find out that Cory Monteith, the actor who plays Finn Hudson in glee died. He was found dead in a Van Couver Hotel on 13 July 2013, which was yesterday. I mean he is only 31 yet he commited a suicide. Look at his life, he has got the looks, a well-paid job, a beautiful girlfriend, and so many loves from people. However he ended his life yesterday. I don't really get it with these people. But hearing the news that Cory Monteith passed away was just shocking, I mean what will happen to glee?
Rest In Peace fellow actor.

I am pretty sure that his girlfriend, Lea Michele will be pretty sad.

See they looked so happy together...I feel so sad for Lea Michele....Okay whatever...

Tomorrow is my 2nd week in MIBTi and I am so lazy to go to school and I keep on procrastinating which is bad but yeah I don't know why I am going to read some slides before I go to bed so yeah wish me luck. By the way about the Penelope movie, I haven't finished watching it so I couldn't rate and review it but by today I think I would finish watching it. So yeah I think this is it for today, and I'll see you tomorrow. BYE!

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