Sabtu, 20 Juli 2013


Yeap I didn't actually write something yesterday...I totally forgot because I played the sims at night and it was very addicting. I just love it. My sims character is pregnant with boy twins, and the eldest child is married with Mortimer Goth. Yay how awesome is that. Now I just have to focus on playing 4 sims. Anyways I think I'll post my sims story some other time because it is very complicated...

Moving on...yesterday was the worst. I was so bored with accounting class and I think I was sleepy. The teacher wasn't also that much reliable. I don't know, I mean he is not a graduate of the accounting field, he has a career which doesn't relate to accounting but the weird thing is why is my teacher even teach this subject. I mean it was 4 hours of boredom. I was so sleepy. Even all the kids in the class was sleepy. aghhhhh I just hate friday's class.

I also would like to tell you that I heard that Bradley Cooper was spotted in a Metallica concert today? Yes the concert was held in Speckler theater in San Diego. Guess what, his girlfriend came along with him too. I mean come on I thought she was busy in London. You know doing stuffs with her friends and family. I don't really like talking about it too so...yeah whatever

I am kinda sleepy so I guess this is it for today. Bye!  :)

*sorry for the lack of pics I am in a hurry

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