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Something I do daily :))))))

Okay today I googled Bradley Cooper right as usual like every other day but you know, this is what I found out.

Suki Waterhouse Kisses Bradley Cooper at Wimbledon!
Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend, Suki Waterhouse at Wimbledon watching a tennis match  on 5th July 2013

There's more to that let me post it for you people reading this blog....

suki waterhouse kisses bradley cooper at wimbledon 02

Well this second picture looks kinda funny because as we can see from the picture above, Bradley is so focussed watching the game while his girlfriend, Suki is trying to take away his attention by cuddling him, and you know what it kinda fail. When I look at that picture, Bradley sorta remind me in a funny way, I usually do that too if I am doing something.

Well then let us see the next pictures...

Body language: Suki draped herself over her boyfriend, while Bradley looked firmly in the tennis watching zone
This looks like Suki is trying to watch the game but has no idea what is going on LOL...

Just one kiss! Bradley manages a slight smile as Suki plants a kiss on his cheek
Suki kissing Bradley this makes me mad >:O

Okay seriously the last picture has got to go, I mean come on who can't get mad looking at it. I mean when I saw it I got heartbroken all over again. Hey girl stop kissing Bradley's cheeks. I only kiss them. Okay I was kidding but seriously come on why do you kiss him Suki? And I seriously have no idea what is wrong with Bradley's taste. First he is with older women like Jennifer Esposito and Renee Zellwegger, then to women who doesn't have much age gap like Zoe Saldana, next to a really young woman? I mean don't get me wrong I prefer Bradley dating younger women, but I kinda want him to date beautiful young woman too you know. Like Emma Watson and etc.. I mean why can't Bradley date Suki's friend Cara Delevingne who is like way more prettier than she is and also way more popular and successful. But I can't judge whoever Bradley is dating so yeah whatever...I mean I don't hate Suki Waterhouse infact I followed her on twitter and instagram so that I can know whether Bradley is in it or not but if Suki and Bradley split then I don't have to follow Suki on twitter and instagram again. :D

This is the picture in a train station. Bradley and Suki met up there in Paris and travel together to London.

Well actually I found about the train picture just now by some people in a message board. Pretty cool huh. Look at how tired Bradley is, sleeping in his chair with his jacket HAHAHA....I am such a stalker.....But nowadays I kinda like Bradley's hairstyle, his hair is way much better than when he was with his curls, that was kinda disastrous, but it kinda look nice too..Since nobody reads my blog, I kinda wonder whether I will get arrested for stalking Bradley Cooper like this, I mean come on he is so handsome, and I don't plan on liking other boys until I am 18 except for actors.

And I would like to be honest again, eventhough there are hate comments of Bradley with his girlfriend, I think in my personal opinion, they kinda look cute together, I don't know why? But yeah, some part of my heart says Bradley and Suki are a cute couple. I mean they got proportional heights, they are both attractive people except that Bradley is more gorgeous (no offence Suki Waterhouse) , then they work in the showbiz and entertainment world, Bradley is an actor and Suki is a model. Age difference doesn't really bother me much, just look at my crush for Bradley Cooper who is 23 years older than me, I am 15 and he is 38, but I still and will continue to like him, however it kinda bothers me if the guy likes older women. So yeah that is it, when I usually say there is hope for celebrity couples, they will split soon. I don't know why it happens like this but yeah its always like that, and whenever I hate the couple, they kinda stay together very happily. Oh yeah fun fact, they share the same birthday which is on 5th January. Yes I know so weirdddd.....

Anyone for tennis? Bradley looked like he was looking forward to watching the action on centre court
Bradley Cooper.

Aren't you hot? Suki Waterhouse wears a hooded jacket, shirt and jeans as she arrived at the Evian suite
Suki Waterhouse
Okay I also want to tell something about their fashion, honestly, I think both Bradley and Suki are wearing the same thing when they hang out together like for example Bradley's jacket and his shoes. And also sometimes pants. :/ Now for Suki, she always wear the same shoes, her patterned shoes. I don't know why they do this to each other I mean come on girl you've got a date with Bradley Cooper, step up the fashion sense and also Suki is a model so you know she has to wear something more different than that...:/
Like if you see the pictures of Bradley and Suki together in google, check out their clothes, Bradley wears the same jacket and Suki wears the same shoes and I think pants too?

This one is the pic where they are in Paris, see look at Bradley's pants they kinda look the same!

Same pants again oh and same jacket as in the previous pic. This pic is taken also in Paris. Suki wears the same shoes.

Okay this one has a darker colour though but still same type of pants, and Suki wears the same shoes. This pic is taken in New York.

Okay so basically this is the end to today's post and yeah its 12 at night and I haven't gone to sleep. Tomorrow is sunday which means I have to play piano again...I don't even understand why they still ask me to play when I totally suck at it. 

So well I guess this is it and check out for tomorrow's post and this will be kinda funny if Bradley and Suki broke up. I am sure she will cry but whatever who doesn't cry when Bradley Cooper dumps you.

Oh and I forgot to tell I took those pics from justjared and dailymail and the pic from the station is from a message board.

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