Kamis, 11 Juli 2013

11 July 2013

Okay guys I have a confession to make, I think its very hard for me to make friends easily. I don't know whether its my personality or I don't have a wide range of knowledge, its just that I suck at making friends. I mean I only make a few friends and by few I mean only 1-3 people, but I enjoy spending my time with these few people. You know everytime when I get asked about school and the friends I make, well I don't really have much friends, I mean I meet them but I am not very close to them, and we don't really have the something in common. And when we don't have something in common, the person will not like it and start to hang out with other people. And that is why I am don't have any friends. You know I kinda hate it when my sisters and my mom talk about the friends that I make or what sort, you know like, oohh how many friends did you make and bla-bla-bla, I mean don't they know me at all? I am known to be really quiet and shy, making friends is the hardest thing for me to do. I can't be like my sister who finds it very easy to make friends, you know like everywhere she goes, its like she meets new people all the time. And people sorta expect me to make friends which I can't. I mean I love friends don't get me wrong but its so difficult, and I just don't know what to start in a conversation and all. I mean I usually start the conversation, but then the person that I am talking to won't expand the topic and so there goes the dreaded silent that people usually face when they ran out of topics. I am trying my best right and it kinda doesn't suit me ? I don't really know why? I really need serious help you know when its up to making new friends, because I am failing so hard.
Okay and that is it for my confession.

So today as I return back from school, I used the bus right, and guess what it rained. Yup, it rained. Fortunately I was in the bus stop right and I won't get wet in there because there is a roof on top of it, it was raining in the Slipi area but when I reach the Benhill bus stop, it stopped. Today when I got in the bus, it was not crowded at all. I got a seat the whole journey until the Olimo stop. That was very rare you know. And when I reached the Olimo stop, it was so sunny and dry. I am so thankful to God for the nice weather today. And I got home very quickly which was a good thing you know. It took less than an hour today to reach home today.

I don't think I'll be posting any Bradley Cooper news today, well because I should just stop obsessing him and try to move on my life, but for those of you are interested, Bradley is now in California, and there are no photos of him yet in the internet. Apparently he has left New York, oh yeah and for those of you are interested to know where his girlfriend is, she is in Dublin, I think she is continuing to film her movie Love Rosie. So that is actually good news for me. HUAHAHAHA, more Bradley for me! Nah I am just kidding.

Tomorrow is friday and it is almost the end of the week, geesh time flies so quickly....You know I just realised about my school tests, apparently they're a lot. Like seriously....This is worser than school you know. And I am having accounting class for tomorrow...DAMN!!!

You know I have been a huge fan of this British actor, his name is Ben Barnes and let me tell you, he is really handsome.

Anyways this handsome guy, Ben Barnes, you may know him as Prince Caspian from Narnia. Well he is starring in this movie called the seventh son. This movie is actually based on a novel series called the Spooks Apprentice. I think the trailer looks cool but there are too many CGI. The movie is released on 17th January 2014. Check out the trailer.

Oh yeah I kinda want to mention one other thing, I am kinda waiting for this movie called Serena. The movie is played by Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. And guess what they have announced the release date of the movie. The movie will be released on 27th September 2013. I can't wait to watch it. I don't think I will get the chance to see it here in Jakarta, but whatever I will just have to watch it online or download it for free.

For those of you who watches the tv show "Teen Wolf", all of you will know him, I have this crush on this actor who plays a character called Stiles in Teen Wolf, and his name is Dylan O'Brien and he is so handsome....and young too. He is born on August 26 1991 and he is pretty tall too, he is 5'11, he may not be as tall as Bradley but he is considered to be tall too. I'll show you guys the pic below.

Okay actually there are more handsome images of him, but since I am kinda sleepy, so I just quickly choose randomly. I think he kinda looks like Jim Carrey and Logan Lerman? I think he looks cute for some reason....but I won't like him as much as I like Bradley so yup Bradley is still in first place. 

Okay I am sleepy gotta go now...See you tomorrow...Bye

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