Rabu, 10 Juli 2013

Day off for the week (10 July 2013)

Today is my day off and I didn't do anything much...Like seriously all I did today was, play the sims 3 and watch youtube videos. I also google Bradley Cooper today. So yeah basically that is what I did just now. And I consumed quiet lots of food. Like I drank soy-milk, ate 2 Beng-beng (for those who don't know that I'll put the pic below), and then I ate my dinner which is rice and pu-yung-hai (its like an egg dish) and a beancurd with some chilli and prawns (I don't know what to call that dish all I remember is it has kerecek2 something) and I ate a-lot keripik tempe (I'll show you the pic below to show what it looks like)

It looks like that but I am not sure it is the same brand like what I ate just now

I think this is gonna be a very short post....ughhh anyways like usual I will always talk about Bradley Cooper again HUAHAHAHAHA, yeah so here we go again. So today Bradley was spotted in NYC again right and you know what I am just gonna compile all the pics of him in New York so let us see....

bradley cooper gerard butler talks matching wimbledon outfits 02
Bradley leaving his hotel in new york

Bradley is seen taking a cab in new york

Okay he is about to enter the yellow cab

Bradley walking to a dinner in Tribeca, new york, oh yeah and there is his gf...

More Bradley yeay

So these pictures are not really in a chronological order, yup I don't know which one comes first but all I can say is that he is in New York. Okay the pics are from justjared.com and fan-girl.org. If you are interested to know more about his info, you can check out justjared or fan-girl.org. They are good websites to stalk your favourite celebrities. Or you could just go to google. 

Okay this is it for today, I should go to bed. Night2 see you tomorrow.

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