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another week is almost over

Hey guys its me again..I am so angry just now. You know I think my mom called me foolish again, I mean yeah whatever but she said it really loudly and it kinda hurts. So I was eating some kwetiauw goreng just now, and then I took some plates because I don't want to eat much, and then there were some leftovers in the box, I was planning to eat some parts of the leftovers but my dad told me to finish it all, so I did by putting the kwetiauw on the plate, and my mom said why I didn't eat it from the box itself, and then she called me stupid. Yupp just for that. I mean I was angry but I kept it to myself. Everyday I do this all day long and it just hurts, I keep putting into the deepest part of my heart and lock it there. I mean I try not to get angry but in the end I usually do.

And I finished my presentation slides just now. And you know what I kinda enjoy making the slides, but I am kinda afraid of what I am going to talk about tomorrow. So nervous...gashhhh

Just now I checked some awesome youtube videos, I know its late and all but I watched Tom Fletcher's wedding speech video. For those of you who don't know Tom Fletcher, he is one of the member in the English pop band McFly. And let me tell you guys after watching this video, it made me realize that I will never find a guy as special as him...(hahaha I am just kidding) but I mean come one who on earth is able to do like that to a girl. Anyways check it out below.


Now I am in love with all McFly's songs, it is so awesome.....I am just in love with it. Like All about you, Obviously, The heart never lies and its latest song Love is easy. My favorite song is gotta be All about you and Obviously. I think I know what songs I am gonna put in my wedding.

Anyways I don't think I blogged anything yesterday. So let me tell you guys about Bradley Cooper. Bradley Cooper who went to Hawaii on wednesday, just returned back to L.A on friday. Everybody thinks that he and his girlfriend are on a romantic getaway, but how can they be in a romantic vacation when Bradley is working. I think he is checking the location for his new movie. And I don't even understand why Suki want to come along with him? I mean she is going to know that Bradley will be really busy and won't be spending time with her in Hawaii. Maybe they spend their time in the plane? I have no idea, but well that is just a random guess. I mean seriously what is with this pairing, you know that this is not going to work but why do you keep on trying? Bradley likes to mess my mind..this just sucks. You know whatever if they got married, I don't even care and have hundreds of that will ever happen.(But if that happens, please don't, I mean Bradley is only 38, and 38 is pretty young for me). Anyways these are some photos of him from where Bradley arrived in Hawaii up to where he returned back to L.A

bradley cooper suki waterhouse hawaii vacation 01

bradley cooper suki waterhouse hawaii vacation 03 

Going strong: The couple proved just how close they are becoming as they enjoyed yet another trip together

bradley cooper suki waterhouse return to la after quick trip 05 

You know what I like about the last picture is his face. I mean when he smiles, it just kinda make my day, but oh wait there is "her". Now that just ruins it like every other day. You know it has been 2 years since I been a fan of Bradley Cooper, and what I have been thinking for the past 2 hours is that Bradley is never single each year like I mean every year he will always be in a relationship with someone. I am serious. For example, he was married to Jennifer Esposito for a short period of time in 2006 and then they got divorce in 2007. They must have dated before 2006 so yup that is already 2 years. Then on 2008, he dated Isabella Brewster who is the younger sister of the fast and furious actress Jordanna Brewster. But they broke up in 2009. Then in 2009, he dated his case 39 co-star Renee Zellweger and they broke up in march 2011. After Renee, he dated his The Words co-star Zoe Saldana but it was an on-off thing and then they broke up for good in january 2013, and then on february 2013, he met this Suki Waterhouse in a party and I have no idea why are they even still together. I think its been almost 6 months, and they are still strong. I just don't get this at all? I mean you know the women he dated before are older but it didn't go that well compared to Suki? This is weird. But I'll give it a year for this couple. By the end of December I hope they will split and never return again HUAHAHAHA *EVIL LAUGH . But I mean if Bradley feels she is one then you know I have just to accept the fact that Suki will be staying for a while, I mean like literally she is really lucky, they just met and it turns out that they are dating. Geeshh... But I hope that Bradley doesn't get married now...I still can't imagine that in my head, I mean I always thought him to be like Leonardo DiCaprio kind of guy who doesn't want a committed relationship with any girl. But seriously don't get married Bradley or have kids. That will be like a nightmare to me.

Wow today's post is pretty long and most of it are unimportant. Oh yah I almost forgot that my cousin was welcomed with a baby boy on thursday I think? His name is Nathan Fidelis. I haven't seen the photos yet but I am sure I will meet him soon probably tomorrow, I just can't wait, I hope he doesn't turn out to be an annoying brat HAHAHA I am just kidding. Yeap I think this is it for today, let's see what happens tomorrow.

Photo credits are from: daily mail and just jared. Videos are from: YouTube.

Good night guys, LOVE YA :)

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