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you know when you want to blog something and this is the result

This blog would be completely totally about rants about Bradley Cooper. As you can see from my previous post, I found a picture of Bradley and Suki in tumblr right and you know guess what it turns out that they were cuddling and all, geez man this just like sucks.

Matching: Bradley and Suki both opted to wear denim outfits for their day out

That is just strolling down the park, there are more pictures where they got more intimate and this just makes me feel more envious. Ughhh I know I kinda have a bad feeling about this.

Sitting pretty: After a while Suki decided to sit in the actors lap distracting him from his book

Embrace: Suki held Bradley's head in her arms as they sat amongst the locals

Happy to be with him: Suki seemed delighted to have Bradley with her once again

This just makes me wanna cryyyy. Tears of bitterness and envy and all those horrifying stuffs mixed and jumbled together. Good job there Suki for making all Bradley Cooper's fans jealous, you really did a great job. I mean as you can see from his past relationships, he doesn't have much PDA romance with his exes like Renee Zellweger and Zoe Saldana, and I think Bradley has been spending a lot of money just to see this girl. Dude do you even know how much a plane ticket cost from the US to the UK, well they cost....ALOT!! And he has been travelling back and forth from LA to the UK and then back on to NY and then to LA again and then to Paris and then to the UK and then NY and finally home in LA. See that is why he looks so tired these days. You know he spends a lot of money for going on dates with this girl and it just makes me pissed off. I know Bradley is not my bf or whatever but can at least you be single there Brad and lift my hopes high. Anyways so as you can see from the pictures, Bradley is reading a book called Lolita. 

Relaxed: Bradley looked very at ease as he lay in his girlfriends lap to read

Bored: Suki looked a little fed up while Bradley lay down to read

See its Lolita. So as I saw from the news, Bradley and Suki was seen strolling in the park and then they sat on the field to read the book. They took turns reading every section and you know the intimate moment thingy happened. Ughhhh love sucks hahaha nope just kidding. So what I've heard why Bradley is reading this book to Suki is that it was one of his favorite books and I think I heard he did a thesis on this book. So I am guessing that he wants to share his interests with her. I mean as I saw the brief summary of the book in wikipedia, the book is about this old man who has this crush on a 12-year old girl. And spoilers alert, both characters died in the end. I googled about it the other day and there was a movie based on this. The movie was released in 1997 and it is played by Jeremy Irons. So I mean do you find it weird that Bradley who is 17 years older than Suki reading this to her? I mean don't you think that they will be in an akward position that this sorta happen between them. I don't know its just so ironic you know. But anyways age diffrence between is not the problem that bugs me...:/

Good spirits: The actor seemed to be in a good mood as he spent time with his British girlfriend

Romantic break: Sitting in a park watching Bradley read was perhaps not her idea of a perfect date

Reading: It looked at one point like Bradley was reading to Suki

Joining in: The model decided to read the book along with her boyfriend after a while

Book date: Bradley Cooper and Suki Waterhouse were seen in a park in Paris on Sunday

Engrossed: Suki appeared to be reading the book alongside her boyfriend

Oh yeah and after reading they took a picture too HAHAHAHA not a selfie but a picture of the scenery. I mean you guys if you see the picture, Bradley is using a blackberry Q10 and I know how blackberry is, blackberries don't have a front camera, if you want to take a selfie with a blackberry you gotta use the back camera. Now in the photo, Bradley looks like he is taking a photo right, but he uses it like he is taking a picture infront of him not at him.

Selfie: The couple decided to take a picture of themselves as they sat in the park

And after that yup they begin to walk again and went to a hotel or something.

Help me up darling! Bradley reached up to Suki to help himself get up

Close: The actor slung his arm around Suki as they strolled along leaving the park

Yup I guess this is it. And I think Bradley Cooper will be busy in September as he is going to start filming his new film by Cameron Crowe. I can't wait for the new movie. The movie is also going to star Emma Stone and I just can't wait to see their chemistry bloom in the new movie. I just hope that he is going to make this film beautiful like when he did in Silver Linings Playbook. Okay that is it for today guys, I have got to sleep now and tomorrow is my Computing Test and I am pretty scared about it so good night and toodles. 

Photo Credits: DailyMail

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