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Hi theere, so what is up with you guys...I am bored...didn't do much all my stomach hurts boreddddd.....:((

All these days I keep obsessing Bradley Cooper...I don't even know whyyyy. WHYYYY? I mean just look at him...He is just so handsomeee.....I am so desperate these days. All day and night its always about Bradley. I just love him okay. I have a thing for him like a really BIG one. I mean as far as I could remember I started to like him in the year 2011 and it keeps on going until now. I actually get to know him when I watched The A-Team in the cinema in 2010, I remember I was charmed by him. He was just so captivating to the camera. And those blue eyes are just wow such beautiful eyes. Blue like the ocean. This admiration for Bradley could go on forever in this blog if I don't stop now ;)

Anyways yesterday I got a chance to watch this movie, The Place Beyond the Pines. Yupp Bradley plays in this movie along with Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes and many other actors who I have no idea.

The movie is quiet long, its about 2 hrs and 20 minutes. And I was kinda sleepy watching it yesterday so I didn't understand some scenes. Love Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper's scenes in this movie. They make the movie nice. Both actors are awesome. But overall I would rate this movie 6/10. I wouldn't want to watch this movie repeatedly, its just long and too complex. I mean there are some funny parts like when Ryan Gosling's character was robbing a bank and he was yelling to the bank employees to give him money. HAHAHA LOLLL...and also there was this scene where Bradley Cooper's character shot Ryan Gosling's character, and when Bradley Cooper's character decided to look what happened, his nose just sweats and it kinda falls to the camera, there are droplets of Bradley's sweat in this movie guys....(its kinda gross though)

About movie news, Bradley Cooper is in talks to play and produce a Lance Armstrong movie. I think the movie is gonna be called Red-Blooded American. I don't even know who Lance Armstrong is, Is he like a cycler or something? Is he even still alive? No clue anyways let me google him later if I have the time.

So I think I forgot to mention this in yesterday's post but on the 13th of August, IGCSE results are released. And guess what I got 4 As and 2 Bs. Its not that good, I mean most of friends got straight A*s and As. Hahaha but I was kinda suprised too, I mean I expect my marks to be all Bs and Cs. I didn't really prepared well for IGCSE so that was kinda lucky for me. So the subjects which I got As are: Mathematics, ESL, ICT and Accounting. I am very suprised that I got an A for accounting, I mean I thought I didn't do well in my test. And the subjects which I got Bs are: Economics and Biology. Now Biology was also sorta a good suprise, I can't do the test. LITERALLY. The subject marks which I fear the most is Biology. So I am kinda happy a bit.

Today is Indonesia's Independence day which is on the 17th of August. Its the 68th year we have been freed from the Dutch WEEEHEEE. For those of you who didn't know Indonesia was colonised by the Netherlands, and Indonesia became independent in the year 1945. Back when Indonesia was colonised by the Dutch, Indonesia was called Netherlands East Indies. The capital today Jakarta back then was called Batavia. And I have no idea why am I telling you the history of Indonesia but its not that big of deal, there is a funny thing which happened today. You see my house decided to show the country's national flag and I don't know what happened the flag went missing, I think its because of the wind. My mom and my sister noticed and they were like searching the flag for a while and in the end they found it. I mean this never happened...This is probably the most simple type of flag in the whole world. Just 2 colours with a border to seperate it.

So I think this is it for today. BYE :)

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