Kamis, 01 Agustus 2013


Today was my computer's class test, I got so bad. I got like 3.08/5, that is so bad right...well yeah its bcos I didn't prepare well enough...You know as you could see from yesterday's post, American Hustle's trailer is out in the internet and I am freaking out. And so I can't concentrate well bcos of that, I forgot everything I learned. Actually I remembered some but its not that complete. So I am planning to make a contract, starting from tomorrow onwards I won't be spending time tumblr-ing and stalking bradley cooper, but I will infact be tumblr-ing and stalking Bradley on the weekends. So I basically will be collecting news and be reading it at the end of the week. If I can't resist, then I will promise myself not to eat my favourite stuffs like candies, oreos etc.... I hope this lebaran holidays will be effective for me. I mean this habbit of googling Bradley Cooper is just wrong and I am pretty sure nobody in this whole world will do this. So whatever I am limiting myself to Bradley Cooper. Anyways you know I printed a lot of things today and I really want to be very hard-working from now onwards. I am planning to learn some subjects you know, read lots and lots of books, and also the most important thing is to lose weight.

You know these days I keep eating a lot at home. I ate rice and fish today, I ate 3/4 croissants with nutella added to it for lunch and for dinner, I ate rice and fish again and a bread with nutella. Between those meals I also consumed a great amount of fruitellas so I see why I am fat now..

I watched this movie called Shakespeare in love and it was so good. The movie starrs Gwyneth Paltrow, Joseph Fiennes, Colin Firth, Ben Affleck, Judi Dench and so on....its a very big cast. I love their costume design and make-up. Its so nice....Gwyneth Paltrow looks so beautiful.....Anyways the story is set at the arround Shakespeare's time, England was ruled by Queen Elizabeth I, the story tells us how Shakespeare created the story Romeo and Juliet and spoiler alert it also tells the introduction to the story of Twelft Night at the end part of the movie. The movie is so good and lovely. I love everybody in this movie. Watch it guys because you will not regret spending 2 hours of your life. Overall I will rate it an 8/10








 So from tomorrow onwards lets start our contract. Hope this will benefit me for the future. I will most probably tell you all the details I will be facing tomorrow. So that is it for today, BYE :D

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