Kamis, 15 Agustus 2013

Things I did on monday, tuesday and today

So yeah another scolding today from my mom....this sucks....I miss Mbak Atun and Mbak Puri.  I miss them to death, I am so miserable in this house. I don't like housework just pure sadness that is all..... miserable.....

On Monday I went to Mangga Dua with my parents and Helen. And our plan is to buy a laptop for my dad and an external hard disk for myself. Okay I did and it costs me 1.47 million Rupiah damn dollar keeps on rising....so it kinda looks like this

I bought the same hard disk like this pic, and it is awesome

So after buying the hard disk, my dad bought a laptop for almost 2.5 hours, too much of complaint about scratch and all the stuffs but in the end he bought it, and then because there is a small scratch on the screen, he gave it to me instead....so it kinda look like this

awesome laptop, super fast, super slim, just epic awesome

And then that is it on monday, oh yeah I also ate pizza.

Then on Tuesday, I went to Mall Taman Angrekk with my family and we watched Wolverine. 

I don't really like this movie....? Seriously the only thing which is awesome is Hugh Jackman and his sidekick, I forgot what her name is but she is so cool. You know her fighting scenes.

Rila Fukushima(I forgot what character she plays)

Viper and Mariko

I seriously hate Mariko's character. She is so helpless and all. I mean she is the heiress of this rich Yashida company and I just think she is so weak and useless. And her scenes are so many. This just sucks. I don't want to know about Mariko's story okay directors of wolverine. I prefer Viper as she is more cooler and intelligent.

And in mall angrek, there is this candy shop called sticky and they sell nice candies. I bought a jar of them, they taste so gooooodddd.....


Then after that I went to Gramedia, a bookstore which has many branches in most of the malls in Jakarta. So I found lots of interesting books but didn't end up buying any of it. Instead I took pictures of it...check it out

John Green's collection

A really cool cover

Some comics I didn't end up buying because I am broke buying a hard disk

A magazine. This is the September edition of Cosmopolitan magazine.

Today I got scolded and I am lazy to type so yeah whatever...BYE

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