Selasa, 22 Mei 2012

Report Card & M2M

Okay I just wanted to say that today I received my report card and I am glad to say that I am promoted to the tenth grade. I just wanted to thank God for this and I am very happy but I failed in one subject that I truly hate which is English Language by 2 marks!!!! That totally sucks so bad!!!! But at least my percentage is 70.4 which means I got B for the percentage of my total average marks. But again last semester I got a 71.0 thus this means I lost 0.6 which totally sucks

Anyways I am totally in love with M2M, a Norwegian girl band which comprises of two members Marion Raven and Marit Larsen. Their song is so catchy and their voices are very nice(I don't know how to describe it)

     This is Marion

     This is Marit

However I just wanted to inform you that the girls has parted its ways and become solo singers and form their own solo albums.
Here are some of their songs that I really love to listen, check it out

Don't Say you love me-M2M

Mirror Mirror-M2M


he Day you went away-M2M

Pretty Boy-M2M

Everything you do-M2M

Give a little love-M2M

Yeah this is all check it out all more in youtube and have a pleasant day guys ^_^

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