Sabtu, 19 Mei 2012

Today on Saturday I spent my weekend watching the Avengers 3D in the mall with my little sister, Olivia and my Dad. Yeah I wasn't really that much excited as before because I have watched the movie for like 2 times and this is the third time so yeahhhhh I just watched it to see all the good-looking actors like my favourite one is Tom Hiddleston who plays as Loki, the villain in the movie and maybe I like Chris Evans who plays as Captain America, one of the members in the avengers group and I sorta admire Jeremy Renner who plays as Hawkeye, the dude just knows how to shoot some arrows. And besides the other movies in the cinema didn't really attract me much so... Anyways when I went to the theater today it was really crowded, many people were lining up to buy tickets for this movie called "I AM", I think its like the Justin Bieber's Never Say Never movie but this one is korean idols like SNSD, Super Junior, Shinee, f(x) and many other korean idol boy group and girl group. And the price of each ticket is about Rp. 130000. I really wondered why many people would spend money on that.
So yeahhh the day was pretty normal, I watched the movie really seriously to try to see their flaws and all (I'm such a bad fan but its pretty fun you know^_^) and looking Loki's face just made my day. And then after finishing the movie we went to this camera shop and my dad was buying a camera. I was really happy because he bought it for me and my sisters.
After that my dad, my sister and me went to Burger King, I just bought a simple vanilla cone because I was really thirsty and all and I wasn't really hungry. And then after that we headed back home. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that my older sister, Crystal also came with us but she split up so that she can hang out with her friends. And then we went home with my older sister. So yeahh pretty tiring day.....

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