Sabtu, 26 Mei 2012

Cousins wedding and arrested development

Hey guys sorry I haven't been writing much. Anyways yesterday my family was invited to one of my mother's cousins wedding and it was held at one of the most grandest hotel in Jakarta it is in Hotel Mulia and it totally rocks. The decoration in the ballroom was unbelievable beautiful, they decorated the stage nicely with something like a cathedral thingy it was really amazing, I loved it. The band was really good I mean like the song selection was really good. There are 4 talented singers 2 boys and 2 girls and there were very rhythmic and their melodies just flow in perfectly together. And speaking of which the food is amazing!!!! I mean like it's been a while since I ate something really expensive and high-class hahaha. And the waiters were wearing their outfits and carrying the food on the trays, and there were like many of them. Okay now talking of the bride and groom, the groom is from Korea and the bride is my mom's cousin so yeahhh, the bride is very beautiful, she is tall, slim, has a beautiful white skin as she is half Korean too( her mother is Korean) so yeahhh it's really amazing. Continuing what I did today, I woke up at 12 noon and I played the computer for a while and I ate a lot of snacks while watching will and grace in the Internet. But then my head sorta aches and I decided to sleep from 3 p.m to 3.30 p.m yeahhh for only 30 minutes. Then I ate something again and played the iPad and I now discovered a new show called arrested development, which is a sitcom and it is really super duper funny and hilarious. The show got really good reviews and it is really really famous but the show only went for 3 seasons. Anyways I'm still watching the first season at the seventh episode hahaha this show is really addictive. To sum it up today is really an unproductive day.

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