Selasa, 03 September 2013


Guys I think I'm broke...seriously I am in debt. Running low in money. I owe my mom 1.47 million rupiah and I think I can't repay her as it turns out my taxi fee costs way higher than my monthly allowance. I try to save more and spend less as much as I could, I usually would not ride bemo and I usually go walking instead so that I could save 2500 per day, and save more but I am seriously in debt right now. I don't think I can repay the money back to my mom if I keep using taxi as a transportation. I wanted to use the bus instead but you know its kinda tiring early in the morning and I am afraid that I will be late.What should I do...???? This is just crazy you know.....You know I kinda have to discuss this matter with my mom...I should really use the bus instead its more cheaper, monthly I would only spend 170000 Rp back and forth. That is more cheaper rightttt....Geezz so in a dilemma right now...

Anyways do you know there is this movie going to be made, its called Guardians of the Galaxy. Yeahh umm Bradley Cooper is going to voice a character called Rocket Raccoon. Its his first time playing an animated character as well as playing a superhero movie too. I wish he would just play a character where he acts physically, like he could play Flash's Barry Allen that would be interesting right.

Okay so sad today just realised I am broke okay bye now.

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