Kamis, 17 Januari 2013

Silver Linings Playbook!!!

Silver Linings Playbook Poster
Guys if you have seen my previous post about the excitement of watching a movie who stars Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence well this is sorta the continuation of it...because guys you see I have watched it!!! Actually I watched it yesterday online and because I was in love with the movie I downloaded the movie and watched it for the second time.

Let me tell you something about this movie...BEST MOVIE EVER!!! They were totally right when they mentioned it on the posters...This movie deserves lots and lots of awards! Speaking of which this movie was nominated for best picture, best actor, best actress, best supporting actor, best supporting actress, best adapted screen play, best director and best sound editing or something...in the academy awards!! How amazing is that!! They are nominated for 8 awards!!!

Bradley Cooper is...how to describe him huh...INCREDIBLE...he is like the coolest bipolar dude ever!! Watching this movie makes me like him even more!! What's also suprising is that he can dance pretty well seriously!! I wish he would just win the award for best actor in the academy awards 2013... Coming to Jennifer Lawrence...man that girl knows what she is doing...I mean like if I did not know her before the hunger games and x-men first class I would probably thought that she is in her late 20s..she really looks mature in this movie which is very good because she is playing a 27 year old widow. Jennifer Lawrence is a really amazing talented actress!! Just love her and also she is really beautiful..I just love her hair....

What I love about this movie is the chemistry between Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence..it looks so real and they are just pretty good at it. Despite their huge age gap, I don't really care you know, they look so cute together I totally ship them!!! I really mean it.. I like Jennifer Lawrence kissing Bradley Cooper in silver linings playbook rather than Josh Hutcherson in the hunger games.. Watching the kissing between Jennifer Lawrence's character and Bradley Cooper's character is just the sweetest thing ever I got goosebumps watching it.. The chemistry between them two is just powerful and surreal that it makes the movie work... chemistry is like the basic foundation of a movie

You know I could watch this movie and over again haha lol

Okay so this is it bye...

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